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3 Best Calorie Counting iOS Apps

Image by Anton Melnyk from Nutritionista

Healthy weight during your entire life is not about restrictions, starvation, and working out to death. A healthy weight depends on caloric intake. Really, tracking calories it the easiest way to maintain optimal weight. Losing weight is much easier and less stressful when you are staying below the daily caloric expenditure. Tracking what to eat and the amount of food is the only way to get your dream body.

Image by Anton Melnyk from Nutritionista

Luckily, we don’t need to have a math degree and use complicated formulas to calculate the food calorie. We do not need to research in order to find the ratio of nutrients in each meal. All we need is to install an app on our device and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Most of the existing applications have a huge database of food allowing you to pick out what you ate and count calories in it. Many of these apps can scan UPCs, giving the most accurate representation of your meals. 

Calorie counting is not a complicated task using the newest technologies. But which application is the best to choose? I’ll help you navigate your many options for calorie counter applications. Here is my top-3 list. Believe me; these apps are “simply the best, better than all the rest”!


It is one of the most popular calorie counter apps. Its usage isn’t limited by tracking caloric intake; it allows you to monitor your health. 

The main benefit of Myfitnesspal is an extensive database of food with complete nutritional information for every single product. Just imagine more than 6 million items in the list. 

Myfitnesspall shows all the calculations, so you can track everything – from caloric intake to expenditures. It is useful when you are losing weight – you can compare the effectiveness of exercises and customize your meal plan every day.

The last but not the least benefit to this application is that you can synchronize with your friends and track each other’s progress. 

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Image by Anton Melnyk from Nutritionista


Yazio can be called the cutest of the calorie counter apps. Its user-friendly interface with perfect food photos makes you love this app immediately. 

The main pros besides easy-to-navigate interface are the ability to set your goal (“lose weight and get healthy,” “build muscle and gain weight healthily” or “stay healthy and maintain your weight”) and track daily adherence to suggested meal plan.   

Like the other applications, it provides the data of macronutrients level, which makes it easier to review your meals. Furthermore, there is a really huge database with healthy recipes for quick recall. Trust me; you don’t need to be Jamie Oliver to cook delicious food. 

However, despite all the advantages, this app has some cons. At first, the basic version of the application is very limited. For instance, it does not allow you to view the information for more than breakfast meals. 

Surely, a heavy focus on daily calories may not be comfortable for everyone. So, this application is for those who are encouraged to keep calorie goals as close as possible, not allowing yourselves being above or below your caloric threshold. 

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Image by Anton Melnyk from Nutritionista


Honestly, Nutritionista is my favorite app just for one reason: it allows tracking calories while eating out at restaurants. However, besides three steps for counting calories, while eating out (Find- Track-Keep Up), it has many more benefits. 

Similarly to all the apps mentioned above, the app creates personalized recommendations based on nutrition goals. But it offers you more! This application provides you with the freedom of choice because you are not encouraged to cook by yourself – you can continue eating the food you love at your favorite places. 

Nutritionista allows you to control the macronutrient rate, which makes it easier to keep daily goals because sometimes the right balance of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat can be more beneficial for you than adherence to the caloric threshold. This app provides 1000+ nutrition tips for beginners to ease the process of changing your eating habits.

However, this application can be useful only for people who prefer eating out at restaurants. Thus, if you like cooking, weighing your meals by yourself, and want to keep your caloric goals as accurate as possible – this app will be useless for you. For all other cases, this app will be the best and smartest assistance on the way to healthy living!

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in math to track your macros! All you need is a smart assistant, believe me.