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How Keep your Aligners Clean

EverSmile SportsFresh

Keep your mouth guard, braces, or aligners clean

I skipped the braces when I was a kid, but have recently started wearing aligners to straiten my teeth.  Since starting to wear the aligners I found Eversmile products and found them to be outstanding in helping to keep the aligners clean and my breath smelling fresh.

I use there product to keep my aligners clean and breath fresh, but they also have great products to provide solutions for every facet of oral care including teeth whitening, breath freshening, sensitive teeth, and more. You can find their products online or buy them at any CVS location.

Read on to see the various products and how they work.


EverSmile WhitenFresh Breath Spray
WhitenFresh Breath Spray
A powerful little spray. My co worker has a bad breath problem but no one has told him. I was using the spray when he asked me what I was doing. I let him try and when I saw him an hour later his breath still smelled great.
EverSmile White Foam
White Foam

I use this every night in my aligners. I wake up and my breath doesn’t smell like I ate road kill. My aligners are now as clear as the first day no more discoloring.


Alignetfresh Spray
AlignerFresh Spray
After starting to wear my aligner I started feel like I always had bad breath. This spray did the trick. I use it 3 to 4 times a day and it is amazing.
EverSmile Ortho Foam
Ortho Foam
I send orthodontic appliance cleaning and Whiting to my 13 year old niece. She keeps complaining she felt like she couldn’t clean around her braces. This did the trick. She now smiles with confidence.
EverSmile SportsFresh
What a great spray for sports mouth guards. I always had the problem with smelling sports guard back when I was in school. I use this for my son who plays football. He loves his fresh breath and makes his teammates use it too.