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6 Life Changes To Make Your Day Better

Creating a new lifestyle make your day better is something that you should do over time.  Making small changes will add up and make it easier to stick to the overall changes that you make.  There are some life changes that you should consider that will make each day better.

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Drink Water Before Every Meal

Drinking more water is something that everyone needs to do, but most people can’t remember.  When you drink a glass of water before every meal you can increase your water intake and lower the amount of food you eat.  Drinking water before eat will make you feel fuller and you will not be tempted to eat too much.


Have One Very Healthy Meal

Pick one meal a day and change what you eat for that meal.  If you are changing your lunch you should eat a portion of protein which fits into the palm of your hand with fruit or vegetables and some nuts.  While this may not seem like a lot of food it is much healthier and fills you better.  This will also help you take the steps you need to, to better control your diet and the portions you are eating.

You could also try having a tin of tuna with two apples instead of protein.  Eating a skinless chicken breast with some cucumber is another option you should try.  Preparing your food before the meal times will also help you ensure that you eat the healthy meal instead of an unhealthy one. Here are some good meals that are easy to make and healthy.

Give Something Up

A New Year can mean a new you and often people find that giving up a vice can really be the thing that allows them to make the biggest change.

Perhaps you want to give up on sugar, or decide to use ejuice and vaping to give up smoking, or maybe you feel that you should give up driving to work and instead use to cycle. All of these things can be positive and allow you to make vital changes for the better.


Be Active During Your Lunch Time

Most people have either 30 minutes or an hour for lunch and eating will not use up all of this time.  Make your lunch break more productive by being more active.  You can go for a walk during lunch or do some stretches if you can.  Other low impact exercises like pushups can also be done if you are able to.

It does not matter what you are doing as long as you are actively doing something.  By being active you will burn calories, release some stress and feel better when you go back to your desk.  This also increases the fitness aspects of your new lifestyle without having to take additional time from your schedule for the gym.

Have A Meal Replacement Bar

If you suffer from mid-afternoon hunger then you should try eating a meal replacement bar.  While most of the protein bars on the market taste like flavored wood they are generally nutritious and low in calories.  Having one of these bars will stave off the hunger pains you might feel after a light lunch.

However, you should not get too hung up on the nutritional values of the bars.  It is recommended that you choose one which offers 15 grams of protein and you will be fine.  Having a meal replacement bar in the mid-afternoon or mid-morning will not only gap the time between meals, but also help you get used to eating more frequent smaller meals throughout the day.  This is a habit that you should try getting into to increase the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.

Have Fun Completing A Physical Challenge To Make Your Day Better

Many people want to be able to hit the gym 5 days a week.  However, if you are starting from no gym at all, turning into a gym rat is going to be very hard and unrealistic in a short space of time.  It is better to pick something challenging to do each week.  This could be a long bike ride or a long walk.

You should pick an accomplishment each week, but not a yardstick.  You should not set a goal of running a set number of miles on the treadmill, rather set the task of running to your friend’s house.  If you are cycling do not set a target distance, rather set a location that you want to get to as an accomplishment.

The activity that you choose should be linked to an accomplishment that allows you to be  happy as you are more likely to complete it if you have something to show at the end.  Walking five miles on a treadmill is not as good an accomplishment as saying that you hiked to the top of a mountain.