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A Gentleman’s Guide to Gifting

Surprising your special someone with unique gifts is one of the basic traits of a gentleman. The art of gifting has been with us since the beginning of time and it is one of the few traditions that have remained relevant and as effective ever since. However the times are changing, people now have different views and approaches to life and living. Hence it is not uncommon for you to feel at a loss as to what the perfect gift could be. Let me lend you some tips in our Guide to Gifting that will surely get you your desired reaction.

If your significant other loves tattoos and cats but just can’t bring herself to go through the pain and the stress of getting one, then just get her a Cat Tattoo Tights. These superb tights with their unique bare design with associated feline drawings transform her legs and give the impression that she had been to the tattoo parlour after all. These tights come with beautiful feline drawings in different colours and could be the perfect gift for your girl.

As gentlemen, we are meant to take care of our ladies and instead of giving her your coat on a cold winter evening and bearing the brunt, why don’t you keep her constantly warm with the Torch Universal Coat Heater? This unique coat is equipped with a 7.4 volt Lithium ion battery which delivers heat at one of the four unique and comfortable settings available. Combine this with the 5 hour strength of the battery after a recharge and you have all the time in the world to make winter memories with her. Don’t waste any time and surprise your lady today!

              Your girlfriend could be one of those who just can’t get enough of zombie and horror movies and you are at a loss for her next birthday present, banish your fears as I have the perfect gift item for her, the Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform Pump. This superb shoe would drive her crazy as it has a slimy and green zombie face, complete with eyes and teeth, as its design as well as a bow on the top which gives this shoe a unique look. If you don’t mind, you could double the pleasure by waiting till Halloween to pop this masterpiece on your girl and see how she would melt.

Got some extra bucks? Why don’t you also get the Storm Trooper Chair, which is a uniquely designed chair built with the same design as the Stomper though a little bit less scary? The chair makes for comfortable sitting with its inclined back rest and flat base as well as well positioned hand rest. Even if your special someone happens to be on the healthy side, you still have no need for worry as the Storm Trooper Chair supports weight of up to 500 pounds comfortably and it could be customized to your girl’s taste.

If there is a widely accepted trait among the males, females and any other orientation out there today, it is that we all love our pets. Cute dogs, cats, pigs and many others and we would go out of our way to make them comfortable. So why don’t you gift her a K-Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket? Not only will she love you the more, but the dog would also become your die-hard fan. The K-Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket uses steam production to cool down your dog after a long walk or run through the woods, making it feel fresh and helps it relax better. Losing a pet could be devastating to some and getting this cooling jacket could prevent this from being the lot of your loved one as its Velcro material helps with visibility and hence reduces its risk of getting hit. If there is anything like a perfect gift for your pets, there you have it.

Well, need further guides? Why don’t we talk about food? I give you one of the best kitchen gifts right now, the Ramen Rapid Cooker. Do you have a ramen enthusiast as your spouse? Then the Ramen Rapid Cooker could be the perfect gift for her. This cooker reduces the time to get her ramen meal ready by over half giving her more time to spend with you or chasing her life dreams. It can be put in a microwave and it is equally reusable and easy to clean.

What about a pan that can take care of eggs, potato chips, veggies, chicken and others all at the same time? Now, that’s a gift to remember for a long time. I give you the Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet.  This superb pan allows her to cook up to 5 dishes simultaneously, saves time and energy and could come in handy when having a mini birthday party or family members over. The pan is divided and made of non-stick aluminium material, it is energy efficient, stain resistant and equally easy to clean.

Hey, you could be a gentleman and buy her the world but we know that could get you friend zoned if your intentions aren’t clear. However, just before you get a taste of that crushing experience, you could give her a big hint of your intentions by gifting her a colourful Rainbow Flag Stripe Ladies Panties. Multi-coloured, designed to fit, curve-enhancing, available in different sizes and for both sexes, the Geek Garden Rainbow Flag Stripe Ladies Panties is the choice fashion gift of the season and could take your relationship to the next level.

Okay, enough with the indoor activities, it’s time to burn some calories and have some superb fun with the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball, yes, you heard that right. This ball is 475 times bigger, cooler and more fun than the normal soccer ball. Spend your day running around and having the fun of your lives with this gigantic toy. No need to worry about rupturing it as it is very durable and even if it does get damaged, it comes packaged with a quick repair kit so that your fun never has to cease for longer than necessary.

Guide to Gifting Conclusion

There you have it, some of the best gentleman gifts available to you at the moment. Have you made your choice or do you still need more options? Why don’t you check a cool gift site like Novelty Street.com where you get over 50000 unique gift ideas across diverse categories for that special someone in your life.

Be a gentleman today and surprise her, aren’t ladies just lucky?