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Getting the Perfect Fit Jean That You Will Love Wearing

Choosing a pair of jeans today can sometimes leave you feeling that you need a degree in fashion to understand all that terminology.  From slim fit to regular to loose with high rise or low rise waist, stretch denim or classic it can be a bit baffling.  So here we thought we would compile a guide to finding the perfect fit jeans that you will love wearing and that will feel just right for your size and shape.

Style or shape?

Sometimes when buying clothes, it can seem like there are lots of choice.  With jeans, do you go for the style you like or the shape that fits you?  The truth is that if you understand what the different styles mean you can have both – jeans that fit the look you want and that also feel comfortable to wear.  You can also understand what the various features on a pair jeans really mean in terms of the look that you will get.

Slim fit jeans

Let’s start with the slenderest fits – known as slim fit or skinny fit.  These are probably the most modern style of jean that have come about as new technology allows denim to be far stretchier than ever before.

Style examples:

Slim taper – these are the kind of jeans that work if you have thinner legs and less muscular thighs as well as the desire for a modern style.  They can be equally casual or dressy depending on the finishing details and usually have a low-rise waist, slim through the thigh and tapered leg.

Slim straight – these are suitable for guys with an average build and can use 100% cotton material because they are straight through the leg, simply slimmer than a traditional regular fit jean.  They offer a modern look to guys with thinner or muscular legs equally.

Regular fit jeans

As the name suggests, regular fit jeans are the middle of the road styles, the classic denim looks that can use 100% cotton material or a blend of modern fabrics.

Style examples:

Regular straight – these are effortlessly stylish styles of jeans for guys who want that classic look and easy to wear pants.  They are among the most popular styles with a straight leg style all the way to the ankle.  Some skinny guys find them a little loose but for the rest, they offer the perfect smart or casual look.

Regular bootcut – these take the regular fit and add a wider ankle opening, known as a bootcut finish.  They are ideal to pair with ankle boots or simply because you like the look.

Loose fit jeans

Loose fit jeans are ideal for guys with muscular legs or who are a larger size as they have a greater diameter in the leg than other styles.  They are sometimes known as wide leg and can use classic denim as well as modern blends.  They can come in bootcut finishes as well as standard straight leg styles and are also ideal for casual or dressy occasions, depending on the finish of the denim.

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