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Energy Informs Your Health

No matter how much one strives to be a Gentleman (or a Lady) to all those with whom one interacts, establishing and maintaining a good relationship with one’s inner world is just as important as the relationships we have with others. The thoughts or beliefs we cultivate to any degree become the energy which we not only emanate, but which is also perceived by others, both consciously and sub-consciously. My study of the human energy system and the practice of my craft have taught me that, to the human body, all forms of energy are considered information and as such, all information forms your health from within.

On a very basic level, the human body functions as an information processor. It receives information constantly, through everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell. In addition to the data your senses receive, if you are in the habit of mentally chatting with yourself, you are giving your body yet more information to work on. All of this information, both externally and internally generated, goes through the central nervous system, establishing neuronal pathways which manifest as particular breathing, movement and thinking patterns. Thus, we are sub-consciously telling our muscles to pattern themselves as an armor around our body or we may carry ourselves in a way that demonstrates one or more burdens carried upon our shoulders. When these patterns rewire our systems, they can affect our breathing, digestion, and general sense of ease. Following are a few ways in which you can inform your health more effectively.

Choose Helpful Words

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As an information processor, your body does not distinguish between whether a statement is true or false. Thus, any statement you make about yourself will be taken as fact. For example, telling yourself “I feel negatively about myself” or “I am nervous” about a particular situation will cause postural and physiological changes to happen in your body. Subsequently, your health will reflect this thought. Your body will always accommodate your belief, and if you maintain it long enough, it will become evident to others. Have you ever talked yourself into or out of illness, or known of someone who has? Individuals who believe that they will catch cold if they go out without a hat or sweater should not be surprised when it happens. As simple as it may sound, your body is only doing what you told it to do.

The same applies to the comments that come our way during the course of a day. Words and moods can indeed spread regardless of whether they are positive or negative. In the event that a Gentleman or Lady should find themselves in an emotionally negative state of mind or situation, any disparaging words, curses and insults will be detrimental to your health simply because your body receives the energy of those words as truth regardless of whether they came from you or someone else. Speaking kindly to oneself creates an opening for more uplifting energy as the body receives the information as truth once again. The better you feel, the easier it is to spread the upliftment, if you are so inclined.

Uplift Your Posture

Have you ever felt yourself to be in a slump or a rut and noticed that you have the posture to match? Your mindset and mood can be changed by literally uplifting yourself through your posture. Standing or sitting upright with your chest up and out, shoulders back and down, chin up, eyes gazing forward not only communicates a certain attitude to those around you, but also to your nervous system. Your body uses information from your posture as a way to keep you safe (and alive). Work with maintaining an improved posture and notice what happens. Your nervous system receives a change in posture as a change in environment. If you’re in the habit of slouching and find you have an attitude to match, sit up and notice the changes that happen with this simple adjustment. You will find it is very difficult to stay in a negative mood or mindset with an uplifted posture. One added bonus is your circulation will be improved as well.

For Fast Relief, Slow Down

The human body is not created to self-destruct; it is programmed for growth and change. Growth occurs when one becomes aware of the choices available in any given moment and chooses accordingly. Slowing oneself down and asking questions such as, “What choice feels best for me?” or “How will this choice help me reach my goals, enhance my life, health, relationship, etc?” gives the body a signal of an opening being available versus a limitation. Remember, to your body, everything is information. Also, by focusing on life-enhancing choices, you’re acknowledging your the guidance of your inner wisdom (another important component to health and life satisfaction). The more you tune in to it, the easier it is to find the best choices for your situation.

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Quieting the mental chatter and being attentive and focused on one’s own presence opens one to the energy of one’s spirit. Find a quiet, comfortable place and sit with a straight, relaxed back. Quiet your mind by putting your attention on your breath, noticing the tempo of your inhale and exhale, then focus on slowing it down, inhaling deep into your core and ‘listen’ into the space that is opened when you exhale. You’re tuning into your body’s central channel of energy. Allow mental commentary to float by without fixating on it. There is nothing to imagine. Your intention is to simply listen and allow the energy of your core to come into your awareness. Then, if it feels comfortable for you to do so, you may invite the core energy to flow into and fill your physical body. This is a rejuvenating practice and can be done daily. No prior experience necessary.


The steps mentioned in this article are just a few of the many things through which one may improve their quality of life. From my own experience, I understand that simple does not necessarily mean easy as ingrained habits require honest evaluation to identify whether or not they truly serve us in the first place. Yet the benefits of letting go far outweigh the risks. Always remember, that in any given moment you can serve your health by improving the quality of information you receive, via any of your senses, this includes whatever statements you tell yourself. Your earthly experiences happen according to the choices you make. Conversely, deciding what type of experiences you would like to have more of or less of will create your choices. Lastly, appreciate the role your body plays in your human experience. Your body is the most amazing vehicle you will ever own.

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