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Heartburn: The Modern Man’s Achille’s Heel


Men have an awful lot on their plates these days. That is no doubt.


Most of us lead stressful lives at work, spending an awful lot of time putting out fires and running from one crisis to the next. We perform superhuman feats in order to get our work done on time and to an acceptable standard, and very often we get little thanks for it. We stay until 7 pm to finish up, and the only reward is the new expectation that we’ll do this again tomorrow.Modern Man’s Achille’s Heel

Then we get home and the challenges continue. If you’re a Dad, then you’ll need to play with the kids (amazing and rewarding, but certainly tiring!), you might need to cook, there is probably cleaning and tidying to be done, and then there are bills to pay and calls to make.

Come the weekend, you probably have to take the kids to various clubs, visit both sets of parents occasionally, try to catch up with old friends… and then there are all those other stresses like your fence that needs replacing, the washing machine that broke, the loft that needs boarding before the next kid arrives…

When are you meant to exercise? See the sun? Read?

It’s a wonder most of us don’t go mad from the stress!

This is why we need every ounce of energy and good will to keep functioning. It’s why a seemingly small issue like heartburn can be enough to cripple us. Imagine doing all that while experiencing significant burning in your chest. Imagine not being able to get to sleep because it’s so uncomfortable. And consider the significant toll that this takes on your health when you aren’t able to properly digest and utilize the nutrients in your diet.

Heartburn affects a great number of us and it’s no surprise given how stressed we are (stress being one of the big triggers that causes the problem). Then there are our terrible diets.

Does this sound familiar? We want to know your experiences with heartburn. We have a strong suspicion that it is a significant issue for a great number of modern men. It’s time that we took action!

So, what can you do about it?

Omeprazole for heart burn

The Best OTC Treatment for Heartburn

The right product can make a very big difference and help to soothe that pain, increase digestion of key nutrients, help you to sleep better and more. The key is finding that product!

The good news is that there is a new offering on the horizon that might just be the answer so many of us are looking for. It shows an awful lot of promise.

Check out how it stands up to the major competition on store shelves.

Don’t you hate it when some amazing new supplement or medication sounds fantastic on paper but then is miles away from release? Well, the goods news is that in this case, it really is just around the corner.

Omeprazole attempts to offer the best solution for men for a number of reasons. For one, it aims to offer long-lasting relief for heartburn. Rather than temporarily subduing the burn as many antacids do, this solution should be good for up to 24 hours. That means, that when followed as directed, that you can prevent the symptoms from returning and also feeling completely healthy and normal for a whole day – you can focus on killing it at work and being the best Dad and husband, rather than being crippled by stinging pain in your chest.

If this works as well as it should, then it might just be the amazing breakthrough that we’re looking for when it comes to that debilitating pain in the chest.

Omeprazole should be taken once every 24 hours for 14 days for the best results. That way, you can simply eat and act as normal.

Does it really work? Well in our tests, it really does seem to do what it claims. If it’s the same story for everyone, then we could be looking at an end to heartburn. See for yourself what Omeprazole ODT can do you!

Another great feature of this medication is that it doesn’t require any water at all to consume. You can simply place it on its tongue and let it dissolve! The company behind it is calling this MELTech formula. Name aside, this is very good news for those that find themselves gulping down breakfast and rushing out the door (most of us then!). Of course, seeing as you aren’t swallowing this with water, it’s important that it tastes good.

More Things You Can Do

Of course in the meantime, there are other things that you can do to start combating that indigestion.

One tip is to use nature’s indigestion aid: pineapple. This works thanks to the inclusion of bromelain – a digestive enzyme that is produced in the mouth and gut. This will help you to break down your food better.

Another tip is to practice something called ‘mindful eating’. This is good advice for all men in fact, as it will help to improve your relationship with food and can help to overcome a number of issues otherwise. For instance, if you are someone who often overeats, then being mindful to cut your food up smaller and just slow down can help a great deal.

This will prevent you from gulping down large bits of food that are hard to digest, but it will also help you to take longer eating, thereby allowing your brain to register the increased size of the gut to then send those leptin signals to stop you from feeling hungry. Often we eat so fast that our brain doesn’t have a chance to tell us we’re full!

Finally, consider keeping a food diary. This will allow you to see which foods you ate on the days when you felt best and worst. We’re all different, and we all thrive on different diets. Find what yours is.

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