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To Wear Or Not To Wear? The Real First Date Question

When it comes time for that all important first date, us men don’t exactly have it easy. Neither do the women of course, but we’re somehow expected to get it all together. While it isn’t always the case in the modern age, the responsibility for the meeting often falls on us guys. It’s not unusual for us to have to make the first move and decide where the date will be. No pressure, but that’s a lot to take on your shoulders.

On top of which, you need to worry about what you’ll say, and what you’ll wear. The wrong conversation or outfit could spell disaster before this date even begins. As such, you may well spend hours deciding between different colored shirts, or a more casual approach. Even once you’ve chosen an outfit, there’s more work to do.

Accessories are a difficult thing for a man to get right at the best of times. But, when you know your appearance will be under scrutiny, this becomes even more tricky. Again, the wrong accessory could have awful consequences. Equally, the right choices could help you convince this date that you’re worth a shot.

Given that you’ve already had to make difficult decisions, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the accessories you should and shouldn’t consider.


A watch

First on your list should be a watch. There are a multitude of stylish men’s watches on the market, so don’t hesitate to invest if you don’t have one already. The right watch on your arm can send a positive message. Most importantly, it shows that you’re a man who cares about timekeeping. Never underestimate how important that skill can be to a future partner. Plus, a beautiful watch is sure to look impressive. Don’t skimp here. Watches are one thing worth splashing out on. And, make sure to turn up on time, to reinforce the timekeeping idea!

Your belt

Even if you usually love to let your trousers hang low, the image isn’t the best for a first date. If all goes well, this person will probably be seeing your boxers at some stage, but that stage is NOT the first time you meet. So, make sure to slip a belt on before heading out. Keep it hidden until your relationship progresses!


Some may argue that aftershave isn’t an accessory, but we think it counts. It should go without saying that you want to smell as pleasant as possible. A good scent is much more appealing than you’d think. Aim for a sexy, musky smell if you can. Then, set out to impress.


A tie

You want to look good on this date, but not uptight or overdressed. Even if you opt for a suit combo, skip the tie. Having your shirt tight up to the collar doesn’t exactly give the sexual vibe, does it? Plus, it’s much harder to pull this off if you got the dress-code wrong. Instead, go for the open-collar look. It shows a bit of flesh, which has got to be good. Plus, it ensures you don’t look like you’ve tried to hard. If your date is more casual than you, an open-shirted option allows you to ditch the jacket. Not so easy to subtly remove that tie!

A hat

Perhaps a hat is a go-to fashion accessory for you, or you think you look better with one on. Either way, ditch it for this first date. Hats don’t give the image you should be aiming for. They reek of ‘couldn’t be bothered to do my hair’. Plus, a hat can often obscure your face, which is hardly what you want when first meeting a love interest. Eye contact is vital for that instant connection. Don’t block it with the rim of your fedora!

Your phone

Again, some would argue that phones aren’t accessories, but they’re worth a mention here anyway. Besides, in the modern age, they often feature in our outfits. But, if you accessorize your hands with a phone during this first date, it could be the last one, too. It should go without saying that your eyes should be on your date all times. Don’t even glance at your phone screen. It may seem obvious, but this is a deeply ingrained habit for many of us. Make a conscious effort not to take your phone from your pocket. You don’t need to. With that watch on your wrist, you won’t even need to check the time.