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Tips For Power Dressing Shoes In 2018

Power dressing, what is it? For those of you who aren’t completely familiar with the term, power dressing, used properly, means dressing at the workplace to get noticed, but not to stand out like a clown. This means it’s a bit of a fine line.

The Concept Explained Further:

Let’s rewind back to, say, 70 years ago. Even in forward-thinking cities such as New York and San Francisco, if you look at a street shot from those days, every man had basically the same uniform on. Same color, same cut, same style, usually almost the same fabric.

Nowadays, we have that much more freedom to dress stylishly and still be accepted by society, even in the most formal of occasions. So, power dressing, correctly understood, is the art of doing just that without going too far and overdoing it.Shoes That Make You Taller

How To Power Dress:

Don’t be afraid to use every means at your disposal to distinguish yourself. Here are some quick ideas.

-Get striped suits, either pinstripe or chalk stripe is fine, anything that isn’t too garish.

-Don’t be afraid to rock a stylish pair of elevator shoes. These are subtle but powerful. 4

-Avoid white shirts completely. These make you look like you were forced to wear them, and on most people, unless you have just that perfect skin tone, they are not very flattering.

-Do find shirts that combine perfectly and put the natural color of your hair, skin, and eyes in the best light possible. Shirts are the one area where you have the most freedom to explore; take advantage of that.

-Rock a stylish quality watch, and if you require any accessory like a briefcase, make it one out of the best quality leather you can find. People notice this stuff.

Things To Avoid On Your Quest For Power Dress:

-Being a fashion victim. The best power dressers barely give a nod of the head to current fashion, if that. Try to find your own voice through your clothes.

-Not being colorful enough. We have already mentioned the white shirt. In general, anything white or black should be avoided, as it makes you look like Agent Smith in the Matrix or a livery driver. Unless it’s something like a striking white tie or ascot or something small, white and black should be totally out. Be creative.

-Being garish. You have to be able to look in the mirror and honestly, say you don’t look anything like this guy. If you go the other way, you will just give the impression that you are trying to hard, and that’s just as bad as looking like the hired help or a bodyguard.