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The Perfect Shave with American Crew

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The Perfect Shave with American Crew

During the winter months I tend to allow my beard grow but during summer I try to shave on a daily using my normal products. This week I have been given the chance to use American Crew Shaving creams and review them. Each cream is used during different stages of the shaving process and is explained below.

Step 1: Preparation

Start with Ultra Gliding Shave Oil
·         Lightweight oil packed with ingredients like eucalyptus and clove to prevent nicks, razor bumps and ingrown hairs
·         Layer under shave creams or gels for a smoother, gentler shave; also a must-have for mastering detail work on side-burns, goatees and mustaches

Normally I would never apply a shaving oil before a shaving creme but after using this I will be definitely adding this into my shaving ritual.

Step 2:

As I shave daily, I  have been recommended to use the Precision Shave Gel which is aimed at fine to normal beards.

·         Hydrates and soothes skin, while defending against flare-ups
·         Essential fatty-acids within help regulate sebum production
·         Ideal for neck clean-ups or detail work on the face, sideburns or head

Step 3: After the Shave

The Final Touch is to finish with the Post Shave Cooling Lotion. 
·         Dual-action formula acts as a moisturizer and calming aftershave
·         Contains protective antioxidants that work to provide a barrier for skin against environmental aggressors, including pollution.

This is a highly effective moisturizing cream that lasts throughout the day, even in the summer months.


As a brand I normally associate with hair products I am extremely impressed with American Crew and their fantastic shaving range products. With this I can definitely recommend it to our readers. For a full list of products and to purchase them online visit AmericanCrew.com/products . Prices for the creams and shaving oils start from as low as $9.95.


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