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A Must Have for Every Gentleman : A White Shirt

Men's White Shirt
Photo by Ryoji Hayasaka on Unsplash

Whenever I am asked what is my number 1 recommended item for fashionable men, my answer is always the same, buy a white shirt. This is without doubt my favorite item of clothing in my wardrobe. This week I decided to try the Greater White shirt from the guys at Carbon2Cobalt.com. White shirts work great for almost all occasions, whether it is summer or winter they can be worn with jeans, chinos and even shorts. Hence why I think every aspiring gentleman must own a white shirt, it simply fits every occasion.

The first thing I noticed about the shirt is the attention to detail in which there are crisp red, white and blue ribbon lines the cuffs and placket and stitches down the slotted buttons. The website states that the fit has been updated and ” flatters your form and finishes with an easy shirttail that can be worn out or tucked in”. I must agree with the statement as the shirt fits excellently and one that I will definitely be using most weeks.

Men's White Shirt
Photo by Ryoji Hayasaka on Unsplash

Where to Buy

For those who want a must wear white shirt then I can highly recommend the Carbon2Cobalt Greater Shirt.

#White Shirt Care Tips

Wash your shirt at 40 degrees with a white-specific detergent and never tumble-dry a shirt. My advice would be to dry your shirt via a hanger immediately after washing has completed.

With Fall coming faster than I would like it is time that we start thinking about fall fashion. The guys at Carbon2Cobalt are one step ahead, have just released their Fall range, which from the items I have seen looks great. Make sure you check it out.

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