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The Men’s Ultimate Guide for Styling a Tracksuit

The Men’s Ultimate Guide for Styling a Tracksuit
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

A tracksuit is the ultimate staple fashion item that every man needs in his closet. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they are also very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit almost any occasion. 

As people spent more time at home during lockdown periods, they placed more importance on feeling comfy and relaxed in their clothing choices. Tracksuits became the go-to outfit choice, and as a result, we see so many new ways to style these pieces.

The ultimate tracksuit sets come in almost every color, pattern, and material imaginable. If you are looking for new style options, start by searching online for men’s track sets. Here are some tips to follow when putting together your outfit for different occasions: 

Going To the Gym or Playing Sports

This is exactly what tracksuits were first designed for. The best style for a workout session is muscle fit or skinny fit. If running or playing sports in the evening, try a style with reflective panels for increased visibility.

Track pants with zips at the ankle are great with running shoes or sneakers. You may wish to style your tracksuit with a sweat-proof t-shirt or sleeveless top and, if training outdoors, a hooded tracksuit for added warmth. 

College Campus or Running Errands

Tracksuits are a quick and easy outfit choice that can be styled in a way that shows your unique sense of style. For a smarter look, opt for a tracksuit with a bomber jacket. Sweater tracksuits and overhead hooded tracksuits are also great choices.

Printed patterned shirts or slogan tee in colors that complement your suit will look great and pair well with hi-top sneakers. You can also throw on a baseball cap for a more put-together look.

Day Out with Sightseeing and Activities

If you are out and about you want your outfit to be stylish yet practical, then a tracksuit is the way to go. In a warmer climate, shorts and a zipped jacket combo can be paired with a cap and some dark shades. Alternatively, opt for a skinny fit tracksuit and muscle fit t-shirt to show off your physique. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors and clashing patterns for a truly stand-out look.

Airplanes and Long Road Trips

Looser fit tracksuits are the best option for traveling. Oversized items are good for moving around with ease, and most tracksuit materials do not crease easily.

This also makes them ideal for packing, especially when there is limited space in your suitcase or backpack. Try to pack items you can mix and match to reduce the amount of clothing you need to squeeze in your luggage.

An Evening Out with Friends

Tracksuits aren’t always the right choice of outfit for a night out. For example, if visiting a bougee bar or more upmarket nightclub, you may wish for something a little more tailored or formal.

However, an ultimate tracksuit is on-trend for trendy bars, laidback festivals, and clubs with a hip-hop vibe. Bucket hats, gold chains, and chunky rings and bracelets help dress up the look and put your own spin on it.

Festivals and nighttime venues are ideal for neon colors and more daring prints. Chunky sneakers with neon flecks or outlines also pair well here.

Whether throwing on a tracksuit to go out for a run or using it as a base for a styled fashion-forward outfit, these pieces are versatile and unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Do not be scared to experiment with different looks, but remember to be conscious of how formal the setting or venue you are going to be. 

Featured Photo by Monstera from Pexels