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The Gentleman’s Guide To Buying Women’s Accessories

Every man has struggled at one time or another to find the perfect gift for their girlfriend or wife. Women can be tricky to buy for sometimes. You don’t want always to go for the same things like flowers or chocolates. It is possible to mix it up. And no, you don’t need to head for the perfume counter either.

The trick to finding the perfect gift for your lady is to listen and observe. Early on in a relationship it can be a challenge to find out what your girlfriend is into. Hobbies and interests are good areas to ask more questions about. It can spark a lot of great ideas for gifts. She might talk about her love for gardening or how she plays a musical instrument. This could prompt you to buy her a plant for the garden, or some sheet music of her favorite song.

The greatest power you can have when it comes to being a great gift giver is the power of observation. Notice what she wears. What colors does she choose? Does she like sweaters? Are her earrings long and dangly or just studs? If she likes to wear rings a best friend ring is always a great idea. Buy something similar.

Other accessories that could make a great gift idea include necklaces. The trick to buying something she will love is to stick to the style she already rocks. Notice the colors she wears the most, and stick to these. It means your gift will match a lot of her outfits, so she’s more likely to love it and wear it. Necklaces come in several lengths, but chances are your girlfriend sticks to just one or two. You should as well.

When it comes to buying women’s accessories, you can often find them on a rail deep inside the women’s fashion store. Don’t be afraid to ask the advice of the staff working there. You will find pastel butterfly jewelry, costume jewelry, scarves, and hair accessories to choose from. Some will be in sets. If you are going to buy earrings, choose clip-on unless you know for certain she has pierced ears.