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Physical Education in a Student’s Life

Physical education in a student's life
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There are those social values in a society whose significance is not in doubt: and one of these values is physical culture. The importance of this value in the process of personality formation is very great – and there is a saying for a good reason – “IN a healthy body – a healthy mind.” However, currently, there are such barriers to the spread of physical culture as lack of funding, sedentary lifestyle, poor coverage in the media. All this hinders the formation of the interest of young people in terms of physical activity and education. Fitness is great not only for health but for mental clarity. As a student, I preferred to write a paper for me after a good workout.

The problem of lack of exercise is very relevant for students since at this age, the very foundation of a healthy lifestyle is formed and laid, and physical education is not always a priority and is not always laid initially. At the same time, the educational load on students is huge. Which significantly harms the overall physical and mental state of the student. This can have a particularly negative impact on the process of personality formation, which coincides in time with the period of study at college or another higher educational institution. It is necessary to consider in this time the concept of physical culture as a combination of the physical development of the student, the state of his health and psyche, and the actual “physical culture.” The relevance of this topic stems from the new social norm, where the main place is assigned to all areas of “improving society” and a healthy lifestyle. The current situation is such that young people often do not have a real opportunity to increase their fitness level.

Lack of Physical Culture

Nevertheless, there is a point of view according to which the lack of an adequate level of development of sports and promotion of physical culture generates an increasing spread of such harmful habits as nicotine addiction, alcoholism, including the so-called “beer alcoholism,” drug addiction – mainly among young people. To study the influence of physical culture on the process of personality formation in studying at higher educational institutions and the choice of professional activity, it is necessary to take into account both permanent and temporary conditions that set a person the task of improving his physical condition and health. The latter include consideration of the meaning and role of physical culture.

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of physical culture and sports for a person’s health, development, and general condition. From an early age, parents, teachers, the media – radio and television – inspire and repeat the unique physical activity and encourage children to actively engage in sports. At this age, sports activities take place, as a rule, under the supervision of experienced coaches and specialists who monitor the correct and harmonious development of a growing organism. At a young age, this role is mainly performed by physical education teachers at school.

Benefits of Sports

By the age of 16, a person’s self-consciousness is sufficiently formed. From this moment, the playful nature of sports turns into a serious and full awareness of the individual of all the usefulness and joy that physical education and sports bring him. A positive aspect is that sport promotes the development of sociability, relieves insecurities, and liberates; physical exertion. The active movement has a very beneficial effect on success in mental work, which is by no means excessive for students. Along with this comes the need for an independent assessment of their physical capabilities and strength.  

Sports for children
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The subject of physical education in colleges forms another layer in the general physical condition of a person, his health, physical fitness, and physical perfection.

Physical education is, first of all, the prevention of various diseases like hypertension and coronary heart disease. These diseases, often observed in technical jobs, require long-term treatment. Sports is a great way to prevent disease and may be included in the treatment, but not independently.

Importance of Physical Fitness

Working capacity increases during physical exercises, working capacity increases. This is evidenced by the increasing ability of a person to do a lot of work for a certain time—the increase in working capacity in a state of muscular rest, the heart rate decreases. A person begins to work more, but at the same time gets less tired. Rest and, above all, sleep is used by the body completely.

The lifestyle of students implies physical work, which means that such a person must have good physical shape and excellent health. You can achieve all this by doing sports regularly.

The importance of a person’s physical fitness, due to the need for an effective workforce at this stage of society’s development, is becoming increasingly important. In addition, physical education and sports give a person a sense of physical perfection and gives him strength and forms his spirit. It raises the level of moral qualities of a person, which is so necessary for today’s society. 

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Personality Formation

Physical culture takes on enormous importance in personality formation when it affects him from different sides. It forms moral qualities, spirit and affects the physical condition, stimulating a new approach to life and work, new achievements in life and work – the effect of physical culture.

To consciously conclude the importance of physical culture and sports, a person must understand its role in his life. And it’s very good if he understands it is not too late to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sports and physical culture are not only a healthy lifestyle – it is generally a normal and healthy life, which opens up new opportunities to realize strengths and talents. This is the path that a sane person takes for the life he has lived to be fruitful, bring joy to himself and others. The progressive rhythm of life requires more and more physical activity and fitness. The increasing loads that fall on our shoulders throughout life require higher physical perfection, which should be achieved through physical education.


Every sane person wants to live their life happily ever after. You can’t buy health, and you won’t get it as a gift. And no online gift shop will help with this. Therefore, we need to do everything to save it before it is too late. Usually, due to an incorrect lifestyle, a person has nervous disorders, various diseases, problems at work and home. But you just need to think: are we doing everything possible to preserve our health? After all, trips to the doctor can often be avoided if you build your lifestyle correctly.

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