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Sophistication Through Simplicity With Tani Underwear

Tani silk boxer briefs

Most people will agree that quality, comfortable underwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing.  You wear it in sensitive areas all day long and therefore it needs to be easy to wear and also easy to clean.  These ideas were the motivation behind the Tani USA underwear range but what kind of styles do they offer?

About the brand

Tani was founded on the concept of setting a new standard in underwear through the use of innovation in all aspects of the garment.  This means that the company use cutting edge fabrics and technology on all parts of their garments to give a better fit, a high level of comfort and also a long lifespan to each product.

They also aim to offer sophistication through simplicity – this means no hidden pouches or panels or any kind of gimmicks replacing quality.  Their classic designs use the best modern technology while offering styles that have always been popular.

Silk Cut Printed Boxer Brief

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The Silk Cut collection from Tani is the only underwear that is made with Micro Modal AIR, an innovation that makes the fabric thinner, finer and far more durable than normal silk.  It also adds a natural wicking feature to the fabric that keeps you cool and dry while still being made with natural materials – this means the underwear is biodegradable when you have finished with it.

The style of the boxer briefs makes for a comfortable, all day wear that is finished with a number of colors and patterns to personalize your look including squares, stripes and prints.  For ease of care, they are machine washable and tumble dry on a low setting.

Lisbon Pima Cotton Lounge Shorts

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In addition to their classic underwear ranges, Tani now offers loungewear, as shown with the Lisbon Pima Cotton Lounge Shorts.  These shorts use high-end Pima cotton that creates a soft and luxurious feel when worn and also has a 360-degree stretch and recovery to them.  Added into the mix is elastane which is famous for its ability to give a garment stretch and also helps with performance moisture absorption to help keep your body at a steady temperature.

The shorts have an elasticated waistband with a no-roll design as well as having a drawstring to ensure the perfect fit.  There are also side pockets to store those few essentials while relaxing.  There are two color options – slate and azure.

Classic styles, innovative fabrics

Tani offers a great balance of classic styles of underwear and loungewear that also employ innovative fabrics to add to the comfort and practicality levels of the garments.  By using raw materials from renewable sources and high environmental standards in their fabric mills, the company are setting the standard in more than one way.