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Take Control of Blue Light to Take Control of Your Success

As an aspiring gentleman, you know that it is an imperative to be the best at all that you do. As a 21st century gentleman, you know that there are a myriad of complications that can get in the way of your performance. We live in a digitally addicted age, and there now exist many obstacles forced on us by the advent of technology; meaning Blue Light effects.

You can boost your productivity, health, and even style by being conscious about how you consume light.

Specifically, blue light. High Energy Visible “Blue” Light is lightwaves that fall within the highest range of visible light. This light is emitted from our phones, tablets, computers, televisions, and artificial lighting in our homes, offices, and the places we play.

This light exists in massive surplus compared to how we would consume light in nature and can keep you from being your best by:

EYE STRAIN: Too much Blue Light (like when you’re working late to crush your goals) can cause irritation of your eyes: burning, itching, and tired eyes. Studies have shown that Digital Eye Strain can affect productivity by up to 30%– slowing you down and increasing the number of mistakes.

EYE HEALTH: Research suggests that prolonged over-exposure may raise your risk of certain eye diseases, specifically Age-related Macular Degeneration. The last thing you want is to have to deal with this kind of condition.

SLEEP: The highest natural source of high-energy visual light is the sun. When you’re taking that last glance at your phone before bed, watching ONE MORE episode, or blasting out some late-night emails you are actually tricking your brain into thinking that it is daytime. Blue Light causes the brain to cease making melatonin. Disruption of the circadian rhythm makes it more difficult to fall asleep and makes the quality of sleep much worse. This means you aren’t well-rested and thus are less productive and less healthy. Blue light is a sleep obstruction while red light can be a natural remedy for a good rest.

How do you combat these symptoms? Do you wear blue-blocking computer glasses? Do you outfit your bedroom and office with low-blue lighting? Do you start using eye drops regularly, read up on best practices? Do you do all of the above?

Yes, all of the above. Cincinnati-based startup PupilBox is proposing just that. They know that one solution won’t do the job and that you need numerous options to fit YOUR visual lifestyle. They’ve come up with Visual Lifestyle Systems that offer all of these products in order to send digital eye strain packing, protect your eyes, and help regulate your circadian rhythm.

Not only do they solve the Blue Light problem from all angles, but they also know that as a modern maverick you’re style conscious. That’s why PupilBox offers both bold and traditional styles to make sure that you’re looking good while feeling good.


PupilBox goes to Kickstarter on May 3rd. Learn more, boost your productivity, and get a better night’s sleep by backing them here.

PupilBox is excited to officially announce our Kickstarter launch date!!!!!!! Stay tuned as we send out more information about early bird specials and our launch party!

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