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Sun is Out, Sunglasses Are In

Photo by Quinn Buffing on Unsplash

The right sunglasses should be in every Aspiring Gentleman’s summer fashion arsenal.

After bing stuck in the dreary days of winter, Aspiring gentlemen all over the world are taking on completely different personas. The sun is out, and that means so is everyone and their mommas. The sun gets everyone in a sociable mood, and I love it.

That’s why you should always look your best this season, as you are more likely to see pretty girls walking around and soaking in the sun’s glorious rays. As much as you love the sun, remember that it is still important to always be protected from its harmful rays. In this weather, your best friends will be sunscreen, and your favorite sunglasses.

Photo by Quinn Buffing on Unsplash

The right pair does more than help you hide from the paparazzi or make you look cool. It can help take care of your eyes so that you don’t have to worry about the damage the sun can do to them which will come out later in life. So how exactly do you find the right pair?

I tried SCLO sunglasses recently, and it was easy as pie. I got myself a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses without the hassle and with a bit of a discount. Here are my considerations when choosing the right pair.

  1. Style.What are you using this pair for? Are you sporty, trendy, or more a classic style kind of guy? Think of what circumstances you would use it in. Hot, blaring sun? Black sunglasses then. Driving? Try something lighter, like a gray lens. Make sure the the place you are buying it from has a great variety and a lot of frames to choose from.
  2. Prescription or non-prescription? My friends who use prescription glasses are not fans of sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are pretty expensive. However, you don’t have to compromise function or style. You just need to find the right frame that fits the budget and upgrade your order to a prescription pair.
  3. Convenience. While some people need to be in the store to buy something, the world is moving towards online shopping, so why not with sunglasses too. It is convenient, and many online stores have a way to virtually try on your pair of choice. You can also return them if you are unhappy with them.  It definitely is worth a try.

Sun is out! Make sure you don’t get caught under it without the top accessory of the season!