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Style Advice That Tall Guys Need To Follow

If you’re a tall man, you’ve probably had experiences in the past where it’s been difficult to buy clothes. You might have tried on jeans that come up too short. Or been unable to find a suit jacket that looks and fits comfortably. If you care about your appearance and want to look stylish, this process can be incredibly frustrating and can affect your confidence. But with more brands beginning to cater to tall guys, it’s not as hard as you may think to get your look right. Here are some vital pieces of style advice that every six-foot man and above should follow.


Find a tailor you trust

When you’re tall and in need bespoke clothing or alterations, a tailoring service is essential. They can take your measurements and advise you on the cut, fit and sizing of your clothing for the perfect fit. Tailors have the knowledge and experience to adapt clothing making it more suitable for the wearer. So if you’ve just bought a shirt that feels to large, they can make it more fitted. If you have a special event coming up, they can also create tailor made suits, shirts, and jackets in a fabric of your choice. This is a valuable contact to have. So talk to friends and family to see if they can recommend a local tailor or look online. Once you’ve found one, give them a visit to start building a rapport and to get an idea on prices.

Think about your footwear


It’s not secret that tall guys often have large feet to suit their size. With shoe brands increasing their sizes, there is more choice than ever. You can find size 15 Sperrys or Size 18 Nike trainers, making it easier to find shoes to fit your lifestyle. But you need to ensure that the shoes you wear don’t distract from your outfit. If you’re trying to achieve a slim silhouette, you need a sleek shoe with a thin sole such as loafers or boat shoes. Otherwise, your feet could stand out more than you would like them to. Try a variety of different styles on before you leave the house and ask for a second opinion. You also need to ensure that your socks complement your choice of footwear, and they are long enough.

Learn how to layer

Layering has been used in the fashion industry for decades to create stylish outfits. Knowing how to layer effectively will help you shop a lot easier and broaden your clothing choices. If a jacket feels comfortable but is a little short in the arms or length, you can layer a longer t-shirt or shirt underneath. This makes it harder for people to notice whether an item is short and create a relaxed and casual look. Alternatively, you can roll or neatly turn your sleeves up.

Follow this advice and you’ll find that your clothes shopping becomes a far more positive experience. Always try items on before you buy as the cut and sizing will change from place to place.

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