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Stand Out From the Crowd with These Trendy Men’s Accessories for 2017

The wardrobe of a hip entrepreneur is definitely a work of art that will reflect the work ethic of the wearer. While the contents of the specified wardrobe will separate dapper trendsetters from the rest, coming up with that ideal wardrobe can be a bit of a challenge. It really isn’t an easy thing to do and for some people, it might seem to be a waste of time. That said, once you have gathered all of the right items, building the rest of the wardrobe can be downright easy. Here are those key items that every gentleman will need.


You know you need them, the question is which ones? The more ties a man has, the better off he will be. However, be cautious in the choosing of your ties. It is incredibly important to avoid cheap ties like the plague because even when they are paired with a suit and tie that is expensive, they will still look cheap. If you really want to dress like the legend you are, you will go with one of the ties made by Hex Tie. These unique ties will certainly not be seen on everyone. They have been inspired by the city of New York, where everyone strives to be different. With a Hex tie around your neck, you certainly won’t be seeing yourself coming and going. These ties go with everything and they are all attention grabbing. The only question remaining is which ones will you choose?


No ensemble is complete without an elegant timepiece. Dare to be different with one of the meticulously crafted skeleton watches that are trending this season. These watches go beyond the typical elegance, as they show you what is behind the curtain when they reveal the engineering that makes them tick. Maybe they will just give you a hint of the movements that go on behind the scene, or they might bare it all to your viewing pleasure. Either way, you will never be late again with elegance like this on your wrist. For most men, this will be the only accessory for the hand that they will ever invest in, so they go all out to make it an investment that will stand out.


One of the accessories every man must have is a wallet. Men can go for ages without cleaning out their wallet or replacing it. Increase your confidence by getting a good wallet that will look amazing for its entire life. A wallet is used to store your money, credit cards, and identification. You need to have a good one. Don’t go out and get the cheapest one you can find because it will show its age and will not last very long. Invest in one that you will be proud to pull out for years to come.


This one accessory has a multitude of uses. If you see a woman crying, let her use it as a tissue. This is a great way to impress a girl! You might be out grabbing a burger somewhere and will need to use it as a napkin. If you get called in for an impromptu meeting, a handkerchief is great for use as a pocket square! If you happen to be watching the baby and he needs a bit of cover, use it as a small blankie. This is an accessory that you will need to have on hand at all times. It is the ideal secret weapon for any gentleman.

Business Card Case

Every entrepreneur and showman needs to have one of these on hand regardless of the time or place. Having a simple little leather case to hold your business cards doesn’t take up too much space and can be well worth the investment. This case will keep your business cards protected and look good while it does so without being distracting. The ideal accessory for that showman of an entrepreneur!

When you want to look your best regardless of where you are or what you are doing, it is the little things like accessories that mean so much. With the ones mentioned here today, you are sure to be a show stopper!