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Look Fine, Save Time: Perfecting Your Style Doesn’t Have To Take Hours

Come on guys, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that we want to look our best. Looking good makes us feel good about ourselves, and go a long way to boosting our prospects in love and business. Having said that, I’m sure we’d all rather be in the bar than spending hours and hours getting perfecting our appearance.

But if you could look great without dedicating all your leisure time to the task, would you take the opportunity? Of course, you would! Follow the four simple tricks below, and you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.

You da man!

Quick Fitness


Body image is something we all worry about, and getting fit is an aspiration we all think about on a daily basis. Not only will it help you gain a better physique, but it’ll improve your sporting performance and general health. Sadly, finding time for the gym isn’t easy when you’re already juggling work and family life. But there is a solution.

By now, you’re probably well aware that HIIT is the key. If you haven’t got time for the gym, why not try the Insanity home workout DVD. It’s hard work, but the results will easily vindicate those efforts. Combine it with healthy eating and suitable hydration, and you’ll look like a brand new person in no time.

Personal Grooming

There’s nothing wrong with a little male pampering. In fact, I’ll openly admit to enjoying it as a treat. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to go through those treatments on a regular basis. And I certainly wouldn’t want to pay for the privilege.

Incorporating simple ideas like moisturizing before bed shouldn’t be too difficult. If there’s only one thing you should look to remove from your routine, it’s unnecessary trips to the barbers. Home shaving for bald men can be a godsend that saves valuable time. After all, spending an hour waiting for a two-minute job simply doesn’t make sense.

Shop Online


Fashion is a crucial part of perfecting your style, and new clothes can make you feel like a new person. In truth, though, shopping on the high street can be a huge drain on energy and motivation. In all probability, you’ll probably end up buying something you don’t even like just to end the nightmare.

A far better option would be to have yourself properly measured and then do the bulk of your shopping online. Whether it’s a tailored suit or a pair of shoes doesn’t matter. You’ll find a far greater range of products and will often gain far greater value for money. Don’t even pretend that buying from the comfort of your sofa isn’t a massive selling point too.

Keep Accessories Simple

Accessories may not be quite as important to men’s fashion as women’s. Nevertheless, those items are the perfect way to complete your stylish look. The biggest mistake that the modern man can make, however, is overcomplicating things.

Every man can benefit from a luxury watch. Likewise, bags, belts and ties are suitable for certain occasions. As for everything else, you can probably take it or leave it. In most cases, they won’t even be seen. It’s a waste of time and money. Keep it simple and worry about the more important features. You will not regret it.

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