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Essentials For The Gentlemanly Look

Gentlemanly Look

A lot has been said about becoming a gentleman that repeating would turn the whole topic to be cliché. However, one thing that you should have in mind is that being a gentleman will never be too common for one’s good. Owning the gentleman tag comes with responsibility and honor bestowed upon you and dictates that you operate in a certain way showing civilization.

One part of a gentleman that speaks more about him is his dressing part apart from demeanor. When it comes to pulling the don look, here are some essentials that is a crime to miss from your wardrobe.

1. A Nice Fitting Suit

A suit loos like the converging point of all gentleman and looks like an agreed dress of choice by their imaginary committee. Follow the wind and getting a nice fitting piece complete with a waistcoat and a tie. You may opt for a bowtie depending on the occasion and situation.

The point of emphasis is nice fitting. Do not go for too tight or baggy suits as it is a statement of ridicule to the dressing code. Also, go for non-screaming colors which do not scream for attention wherever you pass.

2. Casual But Smart Wear

You cannot always be in a suit and tie. Some moments are best savored in some casual wear to break the monotony while still doing justice to your demeanor. You can invest in a nice fitting pair of jeans and a casual shirt or t-shirt to complete the look. A hat thrown into the mix brings the best out of the whole dress code.

When going casual, simplicity is key to pulling a noble, laid back style. Do not sag your pants or go for ill-fitting pairs. Additionally, make your colors controllable as too much color may portray you as an attention seeker more so if you do not know how to match the colors.

3. A Watch

A gentleman without a watch is a shade of disrespect towards the movement. A timepiece speaks of the responsibility aspect of the man and also brings some fashion sense to him. When donning a watch, you need to look at the occasion or activity you are taking part in.

There are sports watches, formal and casual watches each meeting the needs of a different setting. Hublot watches can do the trick for you with their versatile pieces which also have a noble touch to them.

4. Perfume

Your scent is part of your character and you would not want to taint your character by not having a pleasant scent. Even if you are in the best of your attire, your fragrance can either work to your bets or against you. As such, you need to invest in a classy cologne that makes your peers nod in approval.

Do not overdo it when it comes to fragrance. A little serving is enough to make a worthy statement.


In conclusion, being a gentleman is not such a daunting task and is very easy to pull. On top of your attitude, boost your outlook by investing in the above essentials to get the respectable tag.

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