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Cremation Rings for Men a Personification Love for Who Left

A ring is what has been one of the most cherished investments in jewellery for ages. More so, a diamond ring would be something quite precious. However, the concept we will be discussing today would be about something unique and maybe a little emotional for most of us. Yes, we are talking about Cremation rings – Men’s cremation rings to be more precise. What is all this about? Let us discuss the unique concept of preserving the remains of your loved ones cherished forever.

Cremation Rings for Men – A Personification of Love for Who Left

When someone you love leaves you for the unknown abode, the void that this leaves is indeed cannot be filled. Of course, you can get used to the void and learn to live with it, but actually replacing this void is something you can never dream of.

Cremation jewellery is all about making the precious jewellery from the remains of your loved ones and preserving them for eternity – several years after they have left. The concept has been around since the 16th century, but it has become quite widespread and a symbol of eternity only after the 2000s.

Mens’ Cremation Jewellery– What are the essential Considerations?

Cremation jewellery essentially involves converting the cremation ashes of your loved ones into a diamond. Since the human body consists of 18 percent of carbon, it should be quite simple to convert it into graphite and then into diamonds. The technique involved makes use of the actual processes that create the natural diamonds in an artificially simulated environment.

However, when it comes to wearing jewellery, men have differential requirements in comparison to men. While women can use various forms of jewellery with the cremation diamonds, some examples being bangles, earrings or pendants – men have limited preferences. One of the best options for men who want to preserve the memory of their loved ones would be to use the cremation jewellery in the form of rings.

Thankfully, there are several varieties of these diamond rings so that they can match the masculine personality. The men’s cremation rings can be personalized with options to make them both memorable and a perfect match to your personality.

Some of the options can be –

Adding Metal Accent

Men’s cremation rings can be accented with other metals to give a feeling of strength and love simultaneously. You may also use a metal band for the purpose. While women may prefer the formation of diamonds, it may not look good and masculine for a man.

Bigger Designs

Well, bigger and larger has always been a concept associated with men. That should hold good for cremation rings as well. If you want your ring to look masculine, the best option should be to opt for a bigger solitaire ring.

Bezel Set Ring

The Bezel Set Ring can be one of the best options for men’s cremation rings you may be looking ahead to. The bezel design will make the diamond more prominent. This would, in fact, give an impression of both masculinity and love.

Well, those are a few suggestions we would make. These can only be representative options. You may consult your cremation jewellery maker for better information.

Why Should You Go For Cremation Jewellery?

For some of us, wearing cremation jewellery may seem to be quite creepy. However, if you are deeply involved with someone, you will definitely look ahead for a presence that is always comforting.

Of course, wearing cremation ashes around your body can give a strange gut reaction. It may have several reasons – the religious beliefs, the fear associated with death or related aspects, and general reluctance we all have towards anything related to death. But, we feel it is indeed worth it if you really feel it brings you peace and comfort. If you are so much attached to the deceased, it could be something that would give you a feeling of security and comfort, and thereby make you stronger enough to live with the grief.

The Concluding Thoughts

Cremation Jewellery in general and cremation diamonds, in particular, is something quite unique and a little out of place as per the current thinking is concerned. However, the concept has been growing quite popular. In fact, the emphasis that cremation has been receiving instead of burials is one of the factors that has been instrumental in making cremation jewelry a popular concept.