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Mistakes to avoid when picking a wedding suit or Tuxedo

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While shopping for a wedding, it is commonly observed that dressing requirements of brides-to-be are often focused more than the grooms. The fact however is, that grooms-to-be also need to look amazing because the beauty and styling of the great day are never complete without them. To pick a Tuxedo or suit for the most important day in their lives, they stroll a lot through websites exploring pages of wedding dress catalogs. However, quite often due to lack of experience (quite obvious because to shop wedding clothes is more special than routine buying) they commit certain mistakes which prove disastrous.

This short style guide for the groom will discuss some common mistakes which all to-be-grooms should avoid to have an ideal wedding.

Waiting till 11th hour:

Waiting till the last minute for shopping your wedding Tux and suit may lead you into a very unpleasant situation. You must start the entire planning of the wedding much earlier. Browse the web to find a style guide for grooms and get tons of ideas about every aspect of wedding planning including your dresses. No matter how lethargic you are, you should never delay this important task until the last month before the wedding. Remember, if you find any shortcomings regarding fit, size, fabric or color that late, it will be disastrous and harassing.

Always plan your Tux and suit shopping at least six months in advance of the wedding. This is crucial to have any alterations if required. If you ignore the time factor and don’t have enough room for trial and amendments, you might risk your wedding photographs. You need a perfect fit for the perfect day.

Spending over budget:

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A wedding is all about expenses. From the venue to catering and photographs to gifts, there is a long list of items that require you to shell out your hard-earned money. According to cost of wedding, the average wedding cost in the USA is $24723.Your wedding ensemble is not just a suit or Tuxedo. It includes many other items like socks, ties, shirts, etc. Therefore keeping an eye on budget is crucial or else you will be in trouble. I will advise you to look for dresses in your pre-determined price range. Sticking to budget though difficult but it is a very important step in the overall scheme of things at a wedding.

There are ways to save also. No discussion on how to shop wedding dresses on a budget is complete without mentioning the great marketing tool of today called “coupon”. For every soon to wed groom, thoughtful research for discount coupons would expose him to many alluring offers and deals providing substantial savings.

Getting the wrong size:

A very common mistake of grooms is that they settle for Tuxedo or Wedding Jackets that do not fit well. This is quite often observed in the case of rental dresses. Too long sleeves or too constricting shoulders give a dorky look to the groom. Many a time, the suit jackets are so sloppy that grooms look heavier than their actual size. The jacket hem should fall at the end of the fingerprints. You need classic tailoring to get these issues resolved. Getting the right cut and fit for your body is crucial. After all, it is the best day of your life.

Forgetting to seek the bride opinion:

The wedding day is the most special day in your life as well as in the life of your to-be-bride. You both are going to be life partners and the most important phase of your life begins with your wedding. What you wear should complement the bride but not overshadow her. It is always better to seek your partner’s opinion regarding color size and fit. Otherwise, if the suit is too sloppy or baggy and the sleeves are too long, you will be cringing at wedding pics for the rest of your life.

When you consult your bride about dress selection they give their input considering what they are wearing. They help you selecting color and style that make you shine but also blend well with her gown. Tom Buckzynski of the Louie’s Tux Shop, the premier wedding wear provider says “Grooms understand that keeping their bride happy is priority #1 throughout the engagement process and many times forfeit their input on clothing selections in favor of ‘whatever she wants. ’This is your day too and your confidence in your attire will set the tone. Take ownership of the decision with the input of your bride.”

Tackling alone:

The second opinion is always a desirable thing while a groom shops his tuxedo or suit. Always take someone who knows intricacies of dressing better than you especially when you go for a trial. In case you are purchasing an off-the-rack suit, you will surely be trying various suits and the other person who accompanies you will guide you about any further tailoring requirements to fit your size better.

Instead of going solo, experienced friends and family members can be of much help. Those people can especially be much helpful who are good at online shopping, with a good knowledge of coupons, discount deals, and sale campaigns.

Ignoring reusability:

If you don’t consider the factor of reusing your wedding suit you are making a mistake. Your wedding suit should never be an outfit that is to be worn once in a lifetime only. You spend a substantial amount of money buying it. What sense does it make to waste this money on buying something which is not used again?

While picking the suit you should go for formal colors that go well with other formal uses like office meetings and parties also. Navy blue and Grey are therefore the safest bets and best options. Select a versatile suit that you can wear at dinner, another friend’s wedding or even casually.

Not knowing your needs exactly:

The grooms must know exactly what they want. At the outset, they must clearly understand the difference between a Tuxedo and suit because they have to choose either of the two. The primary difference between the two is that Tuxedos have satin on lapels, buttons and pocket trim. A suit, however, does not have satin and its buttons are either made from plastic or with the same cloth on its face. Your personal preferences about color, style, and design will play a big role in your final selection. The choice also depends much on the type of wedding. If you are planning a black-tie wedding (a formal event), Tuxedo will be the most obvious choice. If you need something which you can wear after the wedding as well you would be opting suit. So, your needs to determine your choice.

Buying V.s Renting:

Renting a wedding suit or tux is often a viable option because buying an expensive dress that is used only once in a lifetime doesn’t appear a sane thing to them. Today there are rental companies that provide quality suits and tuxedos at far lower prices and one can save a good number of bucks. In the case of renting you don’t get stuck up with a dress and can choose dresses according to current trends. You can flaunt your style and elegance in almost 1/10th of a suit or Tuxedo that you buy.

Avoid designer label:

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High-end designers wedding dresses allure grooms like other customers. While falling in love with these big brands is quite natural, buying actually from these labels is not worthwhile. It is not because of high price tags only but because one doesn’t get value in return of what is paid. Kara Lane, the best-selling author in her article “Why Smart People Don’t Wear Fast Fashion or High-End Designer Clothes” describes this whole business in the following words:

 “The conglomerates that sell high-end designer brands spend massive amounts of money to convince buyers that their brands are prestigious. That is what you are paying for.” She further says “Customers of luxury brands pay for the designer name. However, smart people do not feel the need to impress others and therefore do not fall for the hype. They confidently wear what makes them look and feel good. Celebrities may be paid to wear designer clothes, but the rest of us are not. “ 

If put simply, the designer’s Tuxedos and suits must be avoided because these are expensive and do not return the value for the price.


The best day in your life demands that you have the best style and look on the occasion. There are various aspects of wedding dress selection where grooms need to be cautious for avoiding mistakes that result in cost overrun, wastage of time and unnecessary embarrassment. If the groom abstains from committing these mistakes he will have what can only be defined as the “perfect wedding”.

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