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Boring Gifts for the Man in Your Life: Improved

Image by Mira Cosic for Pixabay

Whether it’s dad, boyfriend, brother, or just a friend, everyone has that guy in their life who is just impossible find the perfect gift for.  “What do you want for your birthday?” “Oh, you know, whatever…” If you’ve been dreading the next anniversary or birthday, here’s a few suggestions for how to punch up those dull old classics, courtesy of the magical world of the internet. 

The Boring: Cologne

Men's cologne
Image by Philip Pena from Pixabay

It fills drugstore shelves every father’s day: often bought and rarely used. Buying cologne is a hit-or-miss proposition at the best of times. The good stuff is both hard to find and hard on the wallet. It’s also hard to tell apart from the kind of cologne that hits the inside of your nostrils like paint stripper. Everyone likes a good-smelling guy, but how can you give him the gift of good scent without getting ripped off by drug store cologne?

The Better: Bath bombs

Yes, they’re often pink and purple and sparkly, but bath bombs have plenty of appeal for all genders. These dissolving bath tabs (invented by Lush Cosmetics and widely imitated) took the internet by storm after people started posting pictures of their glittery bath water. They’re not just a shiny novelty, though: soaking in a freshly bombed bath is great for the skin, and they have a soft, gentle fragrance that hangs around for days. And what’s more, they’re fun, and come in a huge variety of colors and scents. Buy one for you and your boyfriend to enjoy together, or pick one up for dad to relax in with a cold beer.

The Boring: Socks

The fallback request of the functional man (or the headmaster of Hogwarts): “All I want is a pair of nice, warm socks.” There is just no way to wrap a pair of socks to make them interesting or fun. There has to be a way to honor the request and inject a little personality into such a boring gift. Where can you turn to get some really special socks for a really special guy?

The Better: Designer Alpaca Wool

When in doubt, go for quality. If he wants some good, warm socks, some good warm socks he shall have. Check out some of the great quality offerings like these VK Nagrani men’s designer socks. No plain white or black: you’ve got your choice of bold colors and interesting patterns, in fabrics from all over the world.

He may not be inclined to invest in a really great-quality pair of socks himself, so do it for him! Designer socks may sound frivolous, but they’re well worth the price. The high-quality fabric and construction make them comfy and resistant to foot odor, and they’ll last far longer than any five pairs for ten dollars pack he’d pick up for himself. Give him a pair of Navajo alpaca wool socks – they’re warm, they’re hard-wearing, they’re extremely eco-friendly, and they’re a unique gift he’ll never forget.

The Boring: A Tie

Image by Mira Cosic for Pixabay

The ultimate cliché in gift-giving, so often bought in a panic the night before father’s day and forgotten in the back of the closet thereafter. Even if your guy’s job requires a tie every day, it’s not the most original gift you could find. But you have faith in his sense of style: maybe it’s time to pitch him a challenge.

The Better: Scarves

Many men shy away from scarves as too feminine or metro-sexual, but they have a long and noble history as part of an active man’s wardrobe. They’re functional as well as stylish: a nice cotton/wool blend will go a long way towards blocking the wind during the morning wait for the bus. A scarf makes a great compliment to any outfit, and they’re versatile as well. Style blog The Art of Manliness lists half a dozen ways to tie or drape a scarf for any outfit or any weather. If he likes to keep in simple, a solid color or muted stripes, maybe in a shade that compliments his eyes or hair, would make a great gift. If he’s a little more forward, check out a bold design or an ascot cut that will really set him apart from the pack.

The Bow on Top

Online shopping is a blessing to frustrated gift buyers all over the world! Embrace it, and you can finally branch out from those boring classics, and find your guy a gift as fun and unique as he is. Whether it’s stylish, functional, or just for fun, get out there and go exploring. And don’t be afraid to get a little silly in your selections.