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Bring Your Own Boardshorts: The BBO Boardshort Bottle Opener

It may be mid September but those fun-filled summer pool parties don’t have to end just yet with the patent pending boardshort bottle opener. The engineered stripe print with chambray effect is in style for the end of the 2017 water sports season.

The Need for an Opener:

You may think of yourself as the guy who has everything. Or you may know a guy who is known as a guy who has everything. Well, it just got a little bit easier to shop for gifts for you, whoever you are, or a guy who (thinks he) has everything.   with its 4-way strech lycra bathing suit with a right side velcro flap ideal for those water sports involving beer. Stand-Up-Paddle boarding? Yep, that’s exactly when the BBO shorts will come in handy.

BBO stands for “boardshort bottle opener” and that just about sums it up in a nutshell. BBO shorts come with a functional bottle opener sewn into the outside of the shorts.

As you can clearly see by the photos, the bottle opener is craftily hidden under wthe right side velcro flap. BBO founder and inventor Abe Allouche did not just throw a bottle opener into the side pocket but instead created something far more useful and awesome than just another pocket.

Abe Allouche had been surfing for over 30 years alongside his work designing surfing apparel when he thought of the BBO concept. At the time, had finished up a fun day on the surfing on water with his friends only to return to beverages on the beach. As the story goes, they had no way to open the bottles. One chipped tooth later and bloody thumb the BBO shorts were born.

Have you ever  thrown a small bottle opener in your pocket, and regretted it soon after it scratched your iphone screen? Or have you ever attended a tailgate party or camped outout in the woods with a case of beer? Like most, you probably forgot the bottle opener and decided it was too inconvenient to run to a 24-hour convenience store (and maybe nobody was in any condition to drive at that point). Instead of struggling to find a bottle opener the BBO shorts are the ideal solution. I don’t have to keep on writing; you get the idea…..

These shorts are available in many styles and colors, ranging from the BBO Shorts STATS | BLU model to others like the BBO Shorts REEL | BLUE specifically designed for fishing.

Have the people at BBO shorts really built a better mousetrap? Have we found the Uber or the AirBnB of shorts? Will you try a pair of BBO shorts and find out for yourself.