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Make Your Travelling Easier With Day Stays

Here’s a relatively little-known fact that a lot of people still aren’t aware of: Many three to five star hotels in this world have deeply discounted rates for people who want to book a room for a few hours during office hours (usually 9am-5pm).

Day use hotels in Manchester, in New York, in Dubai, in Singapore, wherever you happen to be on Earth, are useful for so many different things. Here are a few uses you may not have thought of:

You can get these hotels and use them as quick and convenient crash pads during layovers when flying. Before you say you can’t afford it, some hotels can offer discounts of up to 75% of their regular nightly rate. That should be enough to get you up off of that dirty airport floor!

When you check in, even at that discounted rate, you get access to all of the hotel’s amenities. This means, for example, being able to use their business center to have access to a proper desktop computer with a proper full size keyboard (a luxury for any traveller to be sure), or being able to have a nice workout in the hotel’s gym, and of course, take a tip in the hotel pool, followed by a luxurious steamy shower in your room. Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of the luxury room service!

These day rates are also excellent for work-related purposes. A hotel room, especially during the afternoon hours, is an incredibly relaxed and noise-free atmosphere in most cases. People and businesses have been known to book hotel rooms at day rates for everything from conference calls to audio/video interviews to live streams to photo and video shoots. There are tons of possibilities for making business-related uses of the space. Want to have an important business meeting with a client? No more having to resort to a noisy Starbucks!

These day rates could be considered as the hotel industry’s way of fighting back against AirBnB, where booking such a service would be inconvenient and tricky at best. Hotels, on the other hand, offer services AirBnB hosts couldn’t possibly begin to offer, and you can count on 24 hour service with a hotel, something an individual host can’t possibly offer either.

At any rate, this is an option that could be incredibly useful for many people out there, and it should be considered when planning your travels as a great solution to many travelling-related problems.