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A Look at the Harrington Jacket – A Style Staple

Spring has finally sprung, which means warmer weather and more time spent outside. However, though it does get warmer, there can still be a nip in the air. It’s not cold enough to warrant a winter coat, but you definitely need something to keep the chill away.

It can be hard to find a jacket to wear during this transitional time of the year. You want something that is lightweight enough so that it doesn’t become overbearing on warmer spring days, yet you also want something that can keep you warm when Old Man Winter decides he wants to make a guest appearance. What’s the solution? – The Harrington Jacket!

What is the Harrington Jacket?

Harrington Jackets – also commonly called windbreakers, golf jackets, or blouson jackets – are jackets that sit right at the waist. They feature a zipper that goes up the center of the front and often solid in color. The fabric is lightweight and water-resistant, making them a good choice for spring weather. The hem along the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves are made of elastic, and flap pockets on each side usually feature button closures. These jackets also feature a vent in the back, which runs water off the shoulders so that your pants don’t get wet. These jackets are versatile and stylish, making them a great choice for your spring attire.

History of the Harrington Jacket

The Harrington Jacket was first introduced to the fashion scene in the 1930s when several clothing designers in England started to produce them. Given their design and function, they quickly became a favorite jacket among men and started to be made by tons of designers.

The popularity of the Harrington grew when James Dean wore one in his 1955 film, “Rebel Without a Cause.” The icon gave the jacket its “cool” status, and soon men everywhere began wearing it. But the Harrington wasn’t only reserved for those who were in the “cool crowd”; it was also commonly worn by preppies. Golfers wore it, too, as the material is lightweight, water resistant, and easy to move in. The functionality of this jacket also made it a good utility garment and was worn by policemen, mail carriers, and even members of the military.

Today, the Harrington is as popular as ever. Some of the most highly regarded designers put their own spin on the Harrington, and it’s offered by numerous retailers across the globe. You can see it being worn on red carpets, golf courses, the big screen, offices, and in everyday life.

A Useful, Stylish Garment

The design of the Harrington make it one of the most stylish and useful garments in men’s fashion. It is an incredibly versatile form of outerwear. There are few other garments that can be worn by men of every status – from rockers to executives, and in so many ways – from casual to classy. The Harrington Jacket can easily be paired with jeans and a t-shirt or slacks, a button-down and a tie.

On top of being stylish, the design and the fabric of this jacket make it an excellent choice when the weather is warm and sunny or cool and damp. The material is flexible, sturdy, and easy to move in.

Given all of the benefits that the Harrington Jacket provides, it should be a staple garment in every man’s wardrobe. From days at the office to nights on the town, the Harrington is a jacket that you will definitely make you look perfectly polished, no matter what the occasion.