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11 Man Caves That Will Change Your Perspective

Man-made grotto as sunshade and architectural highlight in landscape design.

Man Caves are always a popular topic and if you have one, you are likely very proud of it and take every opportunity to invite your budies or the neighbors over to check it out and maybe grab a cold one with you. But, in my mind, I have always thought of man caves as a room with a wet bar, hopefully, and centered around a bar theme, sports, or cars. I am sure most of you have the same thoughts when man caves come to mind.

Fortunately, they are not all the same, and I have found 3 interior designers that have decided they want to take man caves to the next level. These guys wanted to add a sense of luxury and comfort to the traditional man cave, and I think they may have just done it. You be the judge though.

Below you will see 11 phenomenal rooms from these 3 designers. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Patrick Sutton – Raised in New York, the son of a famed travel journalist father and fashion model mother, Patrick Sutton’s unique background has exposed him to a world of elegance, romance and luxury few have had the opportunity to experience. These extensive travels have left him with a vast and vivid memory of the world’s most beautiful places and elegant settings. This history, coupled with his studies and training as an architect has shaped his process of design as creating a complete experience, unifying the clarity and structure of architecture with the romance and detail of the decorative arts.

Designed as part of a western mountain retreat this project was inspired by the location’s silver mining heritage. Rustic timbers and mine like details contrast high tech audiovisual systems and comfortable, luxury appointments make this feel like a modern-day Bond film hideout.

The laser cut stone walls, pressure gauge light fixtures, backlit silver vein countertops and rustic wood contrast a luxurious leather tufted bar front to heighten the Bond-like villains silver mine hideout aesthetic in this playful media room bar.

Hidden below ground, this Georgetown DC hangout was fashioned as a jewel-toned speakeasy tucked within imagined catacombs. Dug deep into the basement, late night party sounds are sequestered from disturbing neighbors, most of whom are lawyers who likely would not take kindly to being awakened by midnight revelers or animated games of pool.

This lower level bar lounge was inspired by the Hemingway bar in Paris and was created to welcome guests for before dinner cocktails and then welcomes them back for late night drinks and fun. Hidden behind the bar mirror is a TV which can be switched on for sports events but conveniently disappears when not in use.

Peace Design  – Founder and principal of Peace Design, William Peace is a design visionary and leading force in the interior design community. For more than 25 years, Peace has been known for his sophisticated yet soothing interiors, mindful that every color, every texture creates the backdrop of his clients’ lives. With a love of architecture, a fascination with light, and respect of form and function, Peace partners with his clients to create beautiful and comfortable environments reflective of their personal taste and aesthetic.

This room is all about sophistication, a den where you can enjoy a late-night cognac, with no interruption. The focus was primarily on the art and choosing furniture that gave it a dramatic yet comfortable vibe. We custom designed the sofa and used bronze sconces from Apparatus to add even more character to the space.

This is the ultimate man cave bar. You know that feeling when you walk into your favorite bar and order your usual, after a long day of work? We wanted to recreate this, at home. The reclaimed wood ceiling and walls give it that rustic feel. There’s ample seating, a feast size table and a 100” TV for all of your game day needs. Why leave home to go to the bar, when you can bring the bar to your home?

This room is what we like to call an escape from reality. It’s a great place to get away from the stress of everyday life. You can nap here, read, enjoy a glass of coffee (or bourbon). Aesthetically, it’s modern enough to make you feel at home but vintage enough to make you feel like you’re somewhere new and exciting. We were able to create this feeling by incorporating a vintage Navajo rug and antique snowshoes. The standout item in the room is really the custom antler chandelier by Fish’s Antler Art.

What man cave would be complete without a pool table? We didn’t want to add anything too extravagant to this space, it’s meant to be a place people can take it easy, relax and take in the view.

Tom Stringer – Tom Stringer Design Partners approaches the design process as a voyage of discovering the distinctive story of each client and home, connecting them with a sense of wonder and the communal spirit of their space. The firm’s philosophy is client-centered and geographically specific and brings decades of experience collaborating with top architects, contractors, landscapers and specialized tradespeople. Tom and his team apply a synergy of technology and creativity to shape spaces into special environments that are warm, inviting and visually engaging.

Florida Media Room:

Dark wood tones, cool grey hues, and textured neutrals lend a subtle masculine vibe to the sophisticated media room of this Florida retreat. The room is dominated by a well-stocked bar with a thick quartz top and antique mirrored sides. The furnishings are kept simple with clean lines and neutral leathers, while the introduction of nickel accents on the bar and game table add a mix of materials for interest.

Photo by Jorge Gera

Manhattan Beach Bar:

Simple, but strong, this bar/media room makes the most out of its neutral palette. Natural wood tones throughout the space combine with smooth leathers and rugged nail head accents to create a masculine energy. Carved wood tables add visual weight and interest, while an animal print rug introduces a sense of adventure.

Photo by Grey Crawford

Sky Lounge:

The sky lounge aboard motor yacht Slojo is finished in Mozambique veneers set off by nickel fillets to form a handsome space. Simple, yet substantial furnishings give strength to the room, while solid, textured fabrics create warmth and dimension. Polished Kudo horns mounted in silver as candlesticks add to the masculine ambiance of the lounge.

Photo by Kristina Strobel