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Mr & Muse Underwear Review

Looking to flaunt sexy underwear for your lady or maybe you are a lady looking to get your man a new set of briefs to better accentuate his physique. Mr & Muse offer some of the best looking and feeling briefs you will ever come across online.

Whether you are are looking for underwear that is of the highest fabric quality and you are searching for more comfortable underwear. Or someone who wants to flaunts their goodies on Tinder. Whatever the reason may be Mr & Muse Underwear offer some of the best underwear online.

Here is our review of Mr & Muse Underwear, enjoy!

Great Design

As mentioned, Mr and Muse do a stellar job of offering some highly unique looking underwear for guys to sport around. Coming in numerous designs and wears (underwear, briefs, boxes). Aside from the design the quality of the brews is of the highest quality.

Premium Fabric

The quality of the Mr & Muse underwear are incredibly soft. Never again wear underwear that makes you feel uncomfortable or itchy. The fabric used in all of Mr & Muse underwear’s are of the highest quality, and the will provide a fantastic feeling for those who wear these outstanding underwear.

Quality and Price

At a price that you just can’t beat, at $19, you really do yourself a great disservice by not sporting some of the most stylish and comfortable underwear out in the market.

Mr & Muse offers fast shipping, excellent customer service, a fantastic brand, some of the best looking get wrapped boxes, and most of all some of the most comfortable briefs, underwear and boxers and all at the price that the everyday average joe can afford.

The Perfect Gift

Mr & Muse’s underwear are the perfect gifts for ladies looking to surprise their boyfriend or husband or for guys looking to impress there wives or girlfriend. Or for the single man who is looking to up his confidence in a picture he posts on Tinder or Instagram.

Our Verdict

The Mr & Muse brand is relatively new yet is becoming very popular and for many reasons outside often quality. Offering some of the best looking and feeling underwear to come across and all at a price tag that won’t break the bank – you will find that these are genuinely exemplary underwear.

Free shipping. Great designs. Great Fabric. Great Brand. Great Stuff.

Mr & Muse provided us with a few pairs for review purposes only. All opinions are our own.