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Mens Briefcases are still Trendy Today

Trendy mens briefcase
Photo by malcolm garret from Pexels

3 Reasons Mens Briefcases are still Trendy Today.

The 1963 movie “From Russia with Love,” catapulted the briefcase to a whole new level. The Swaine Adeney Brigg case with red skiver lining that carried enough ammunition to take out a barracks was every man’s dream. Twenty years ago, no self-respecting man would wear a suit to work without accessorizing it with a solid leather briefcase. Mens briefcases are still Trendy today.

Trendy mens briefcase
Photo by malcolm garret from Pexels

Unfortunately, the mobile-obsessed millennial’s prefer to carry all their information in their ipads and mini laptops that fit in small backpacks. Man bags and totes have also become a thing in the fashion world. However, there is a place for a formal briefcase and here is why;

1. It’s a symbol of power

Even though the vast majority of youths prefer to go casual, there is an age where a man wants to feel legitimate. Nothing says power better than a traditional attache’. Men also associate briefcases with their fathers, who looked pretty dapper and powerful in their day. The briefcase may not be flooding your town soon, but it’s the most elegant way to carry contracts as you go to close a deal. There is a reason why the head of finance in every nation carries its annual budget in a briefcase. It is a symbol of power and legitimacy in every way, and ultimately, what separates men from boys.

2. Easy access and comfort

Much like women’s handbags, it is impossible to find anything in a backpack except your laptop. Briefcases for men, on the other hand, are designed to make access to all your stuff easy because it snaps open. In a glance, you can see all the contents in the case because they are well arranged in the same compartment, and they remain in the same orientation.

Easy access is not the only convenience a briefcase provides. You also get to enjoy walking around with it and even commuting on public transport. Many people have to pass by a bunch of people in the daily commute and squeeze into tight spots. With a briefcase, you won’t be whacking fellow passengers on the head. You can also put it down for a while to rest your hands because it’s a free-standing bag.

mens briefcase
Photo by nappy from Pexels

3. They are trendy and a luxury item 

Professionals love to carry trendy looking items, and nothing is trendier for work than a briefcase. New briefcase styles and designs are coming up every day for the fashion-conscious man. Carrying a stylish briefcase and pairing it with trendy form-fitting clothes is fashionable and confident. Because of their history, briefcases fall under the luxury items and are a status item for a man of wealth and class. 

Unless you are carrying gym wear and other change of clothes, a classic briefcase is sufficient to carry your laptop and documents. However, today’s briefcases are more versatile, and you can wear them over the shoulder if your hand is tired. With such a wide array of beautiful modern briefcases around, you can elevate your formal style and reclaim your power.