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Machine Washable Men’s Suits

Machine Washable Men's Suits
Photo by Hardini Lestari on Unsplash

Were you aware you can get a top business style suit that is machine washable and high-quality? A high-quality, machine-washable suit with a sharp business style. The perfect choice for everyday office use. It has the look of a top designer, enhancing your overall look. This article will discuss details about machine washable men’s suits and how they are a perfect fit!

Best machine washable men’s suits

Paul Smith

The Paul Smith “A Suit to Travel In” is the world’s best washable suit for men. It is a high-quality suit, and it is also machine washable. It is one of the most widely used brands of good-quality clothes worldwide and is available in three colors Navy, Black and Charcoal. These colors easily match when compared to a combination of shirts and ties. They are suitable for the office, weddings, church, and other events. The fabric consists of 10% high-quality wool yarn, and it is easy to wear without the typical scratchiness of wool. These all-around great suits are available in sizes from 36 to 46. 

Looking to buy one of these suites, check out these three retailers today. 


Bonobos Jetsetter Wool Suit 

Bonobos also have some tremendous machine-washable suits that you won’t want to skip when shopping for a new suit. The Bonobos Jetsetter suits are more of a budget-friendly suit with a great range of colors. They also come in a wide range of sizes from 34R to 48L, with the pants available in sizes from 28 to 40. Even at the lower price point, these suites do not sacrifice quality for budget. Bonobos suits are made with high-quality wool, and the stitches are of excellent quality. These are as good as an option compared to Paul Smith; it really comes down to the style preference between these two manufacturers. 

Canali Capri Melange Slim Fit Suit 

If you are looking for designs from the top designers worldwide, don’t pass up the Canali Capri Melange brand. You can find their suits at leading retailers like Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. They have some tremendous formal machine-washable suits that will certainly suit your style. They are made of high-quality cloth that is, of course, scratch-free. If you’re looking for a top Italian designer suit, then look no further as they have many stylish options to choose from, like their jackets with a two-button closure, a chest pocket in many available colors. 

Robert Graham Tonal Plaid Suit

Check out the Robert Graham Tonal Plaid Suit if you are into plaid. It is a top machine-washable suit with fantastic modern styles. When looking for more suitable materials in your suite, typically, you sacrifice style, which is not the case with Robert Graham. They have the best styles and the most excellent suit choices to make you look great and stylish. These suites are made in Canada using 100% wool. You can find your desired suit in many sizes, from 38S to 48R, and in a plethora of colors. These suits are easy to wear and very comfortable. Picking the Robert Graham will surely turn heads when taking your special lady out for the evening. 


These suits are versatile in their style and will make you shine whether you choose a more relaxed or formal look. No matter which style you choose, you are guaranteed to look stunning.  

Featured Photo by Hardini Lestari on Unsplash