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Careers that Will Enable You to Help Your Fellow Man

If you want to enter into a career that not only enriches your pocket but also enriches your life and the lives of others, then you’ll be glad to know that there are a lot of options available to you.

There are countless jobs that will make you feel like you’ve actually made a difference and helped your fellow man along the way, and many of them, you’ll be glad to know, are pretty well-paid too.

No matter what your skills are or how exactly you want to help, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a career path that suits you. Just check out this list of worthwhile occupations to get you started:

Jobs that Help People with Their Health

If you’re interested in helping sick people to get well, or get through an illness the best possible ways, here are some good options for you to look into:

Medical Doctor

Becoming a medical doctor is not easy, and not for everyone, but there can be few careers that make a bigger difference to your fellow man than becoming a doctor who can cure them when they’re sick. If you’re not sure whether you’d be cut out for working in a medical setting, where situations are often life or death, it may be worth checking out this free CPR study guide and volunteering with a charity like the order of St. John, where you may have to put it into practice. As an MD, you could make between $195,000 – $284,000 on average. If you’re not sure whether you’d be cut out for working in a medical setting, where situations are often life or death, it may be worth checking out this free CPR study guide and volunteering with a charity like the order of St. John, where you may have to put it into practice.

Licensed Practical Nurse

As a licensed practical nurse, you could earn as much as $60,420 per year. More importantly, you will get to directly engage with patients on a daily basis, checking they get the right medication, checking their capitals and helping doctors to carry out vital procedures on them. It can be a very rewarding career, especially since there are still far too few male nurses, who are often better at putting make patients at their ease. Obviously, you will need to train to do this job, but it could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

First Aid Trainer

Being a first aid trainer offers several benefits and perks. As a trainer, you have the opportunity to help others learn life-saving skills, such as the BLS Certification, which can potentially save lives. You also have flexibility in your schedule, with the option to work part-time or full-time. Continuous learning is a part of the job, as trainers need to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and protocols. You’ll also meet people from various backgrounds and professions, which can expand your social network and create new opportunities. First aid trainers can earn a competitive salary with high job security. The personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped others learn essential skills and potentially saved lives can also make it a fulfilling career choice.


If you’re the caring sort – the kind who’s always willing to lend an ear- and someone who likes to help people solve their problems and go on to lead happier, more productive lives, becoming a qualified counselor could be the best career move you ever make. Helping people over past traumas and assisting them as they try to deal with mental health issues is a noble cause and one that could see you earn around $70,000+ annually.

A career that Helps People Stay Fit

Helping people to stay, or get fit and healthy is also a noble cause. If you enjoy health and fitness, chances are you’d love a career in the field, and it will enable you to help lots of people along the way. With that in mind, here are some excellent career choices in that area:

Nutritionist or Dietician

As a nutritionist or dietician, you will help individuals who struggle to build healthy eating habits to improve themselves and eat only those foods that are most nourishing to body and mind – most of the time at least. You will teach them about healthy eating and special diets for certain conditions with a view to helping them lose weight, improve their health and manage a range of medical conditions. You could earn between $36,000 – $83,000+ in this career.

Personal Trainer

If you’re a bit of a fitness fanatic and you’re always at the gym in your spare time, why not take a personal training course from OriGym to turn the thing you love so much into a career that will also enable you to help others? Basically, as a personal trainer, you will first complete your online personal trainer certificate and can then help clients to meet their health and fitness goals by coming up with tailored diet and exercise plans, motivating them to succeed and working with them to ensure that they succeed. You could make upwards of $72,000+ as a personal trainer, but if you’re looking for a second job, you could earn around $20,000 working part-time in this field.

Jobs That Help Senior Citizens

If you care deeply about our senior citizens and you want to do your bit to make their lives as comfortable as they can possibly be, here are some great ideas:

Home Help Aide

Many senior citizens want to be able to stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible – they do not want to go into assisted-living facilities where they may have to leave treasured friends and neighbors behind, Being a home help aide, then is a great way of helping them out by assisting them with any day to day needs that they may struggle with. Admittedly, this isn’t a high paid job with the upper limit of earnings being around $30,000, but it is a sector that could well do with more males to make senior males feel more comfortable, so it is definitely a worthwhile role to take.

Certified Nursing Assistant

It would also be good to get more males training as CNAs, simply because older men are often shy or embarrassed about being cared for by the opposite sex. In this role, you would be tasked with helping seniors to eat, get dressed, bathe, etc.. It is a job with a higher salary of $38,000+

Jobs That Tackle Social Problems

If you’re concerned with the state of society as a whole and you want to make your career part of the solution, here are some good career choices:

Social Worker

If you’re made of string stuff, and you know that you’ll be able to deal with seeing what is often the darker side of humanity, and you want to see the progress you are actually making in helping people every day, then become a social worker. You could earn as much as $85,000+ by doing so, but more importantly, you will be helping lots of people with very real-life problems such as adoption, illness and addiction and helping them to get through many difficult situations that could seriously affect them without you.

Community Health Worker

As a community health worker, your duties would involve getting out into the community and helping those people, such as immigrants and people without insurance to get the treatment they need for non-life-threatening illnesses, You’ll also spend time screening them for diseases, teaching them about family planning and giving them the resources they need to implement it and ensuring. As best you can, that they get access to more serious healthcare if they need it.It’s a hard job, which is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it is a worthwhile one. Salaries range from $26,600 – $63,000+.

Jobs that Help Children

If you enjoy being around children and you want to ensure that they grow up to be the best they can be, here are some career options for your consideration:

Special Education Teacher

Teaching any group of children provides a real service to those children and to society as a whole, but there is something even more rewarding about teaching kids who have special educational needs and watching them grow into more confident, capable individuals. Unfortunately, like many teaching jobs, it doesn’t pay particularly well ($32,980 to $89,290), but it is undeniably rewarding


If you love sports, you’re good at it, and you want to help kids reach their full potential, then become a coach.You could earn as much as $41,000 doing what you love every day and fostering talent in the children in your community – what’s not to love?

Jobs That Help People’s Pets

People love their pets, so by caring for them, you are helping your fellow man too. So, if you’re an animal lover and you want to help people and animals, here are some options:


The best way to help people and their pets is by treating them when they’re sick and helping to alleviate their pain. For this privilege, you could earn $161,00+ per year, but you will make many more friends, human and animal, which is what really matters.

Veterinary Technician

Of course, you could just become a veterinary technician, which requires slightly less education as you can see from this source on veterinary technician training, but which is just important, In this role, you will be responsible for taking X-rays, running tests and other medical necessities to help diagnose and save pets. The salary for an experienced veterinary tech is a little over $48,000.

You spend a lot of time working in your life, so why not make it count by choosing a career, like the ones above, that allow you to help people every day?