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Denim Options For Men Of All Shapes & Sizes From Liverpool Jeans

Let’s face it, when you see a pair of jeans on the model, they always look perfect.  But how many of us have bought a pair and found the fit wasn’t what we needed – because we weren’t quite the same shape as the model.  I know I have experienced it and it can be so frustrating.  When I first had the chance to try some Liverpool jeans back in late 2017, the thing that stood out to me was their cross fitting concept.  But did the reality live up to the potential? So what Denim Options For Men are out there.

How the cross fit works

Curious to know more, I looked at the details of this special fabric to see what it was all about.  And the answer was that Liverpool is offering a unique way to approach denim that creates a much more comfortable pair of jeans.

For starters, there’s the Dual FX T400 Fabrication for superb recovery.  What does that mean to you and me?  Simple – when you have worn the jeans, they spring back to their original shape rather than staying with those baggy knees or wrinkled belt loops.

The denim also has four way stretch to it by the use of special resilient Modal sourced from beech trees.  Most denim has two way stretch that means when you sit down, there’s a bit of give to ensure you keep comfortable.  The Liverpool jean has double the stretch of a normal style and that means a lot more comfort and adaptability to what you are doing.

Who is Liverpool?

Liverpool is a clothing company who are dedicated to creating the perfect fitting jeans for both men and women.  The company was founded in 2012 by fashion industry veterans Jill and Ron Perilman.  Their experience was comprehensive, and this meant they knew the kind of problems that people experienced with jeans – and wanted to solve it.

That meant technology and tech built into the very fabric of the jeans to create that perfect fit without any tailoring or adjustments.  After all, who wants to have to get a pair of jeans tailored?  Their blend of fabric advancements and fit developments means they could offer jeans that worked perfectly for all ages and body types.

Does it all work?

So, the idea of the jeans sounds brilliant – adaptable and clever, these jeans can take your natural shape and work with it for maximum comfort.  But does it all work?

I receive three different Liverpool Jeans:

Relaxed Straight Vineyard Wine Liverpool Jeans

Relaxed Straight Olive Night Liverpool Jeans

Slim Straight Hampton Light Liverpool Jeans


The brand also offers three different inseam lengths, so you can get just the right length without any adjustments – one of the only men’s jean retailers to offer this kind of choice.

I was instantly impressed by the fit.  The cross fit concept really does work and I felt that I looked as good in the jeans as the model.  They naturally matched my shape and allowed plenty of movement when sitting or bending.  I also felt the denim has a sleek and smooth feeling that is much more pleasant than the classic denim, which is often coarse to the touch.

Denim Options For Men Options

There are two main fits for the jeans – slim and relaxed, both with a straight leg style.  The slim straight uses aging techniques to offer a real vintage look to the denim so they instantly appear to be a pair of old favorites.  The relaxed straight is even more comfortable with the relaxed fit and comes in two washes.

Another big draw with the Liverpool jeans range is the cost – all the jeans are available at under $100 and for top quality clothes, this is a good price range.  It is also why the range is one of the fastest growing brands in the denim industry.

Where to get Liverpool jeans

For online shopping fans, you can purchase your jeans straight from the Liverpool Jeans website as well as view their lookbook and read the blog to get inspiration on what to pair the styles with for different occasions.

The brand is now also available in big name stores including Stitch Fix, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales, Dillard’s and Zappos.  In addition to the big stores, the company also has a partnership with a network of over 1500 speciality retailers around the world.  Check out the store locator on the website to find out where your nearest store is if you are more of a hands-on shopper.

Denim Options For Men Worth it?

For me, investing in a pair of Liverpool Jeans is definitely worth it.  Traditional denim isn’t the most comfortable material invented but the new tech involved with the Liverpool Jeans makes wearing jeans as comfortable as wearing a pair of sweatpants.  There are good style and color choices and a price range that is very accessible.

And if you are looking to buy them as a gift for someone, the cross fit is a huge bonus because you can be confident they will be a great fit!

Liverpool Jeans provided a few pairs for review purposes. All opinions are our own.