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How To Choose a Leather Jacket That Suits You

How To Choose a Leather Jacket That Suits You
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The Leather jacket is a stylish costume for both men and women. It gives a rich appearance. How do you choose a stylish leather jacket? We have listed a few points to consider.

Why select leather?

Leather is durable: it can withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Quality leather will last a long time.

Leather protects you: it is the best choice for the motorcyclist. It delivers wind-breaking and is highly water-resistant protection.

Leather is timeless: Leather is durable and timeless. It will never go out of style.

Types of leather:

Steerhide or cowhide: this type of leather is made from the skin of the adult steer or cow. It is mainly used to make jackets. It is tough and durable.

Deerskin: it is lighter weight. It is more suitable for use in warm weather. It is durable too.

Goatskin: it is lighter than deerskin. It has a typical pebbled appearance, and it wears well over time.

Lambskin: it is the softest, silkiest, and most luxurious leather, but it is not as durable as others.

Calfskin: it is soft as lambskin.

Parameter to check when choosing a leather jacket

First, choose the style of leather jacket that you like. Then see the type of leather that it comes in. Choose calfskin, goatskin, or lambskin for a soft and lightweight jacket. Also, consider how you will wear the jacket. For example, will you be wearing it while riding a motorcycle or for business?

How to check quality of leather
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How to check the quality of a leather jacket?

The grain of the leather:  the price of the jacket depends on the grain. Full-grain is a grain made from the whole hide of the animal. It retains the natural skin pattern of the animal.

Top grain is the outer grain split from the under layers of full-grain leather. It is very thin and comfortable leather.

Topstitching: the stitching can be seen on the outer side of the leather.

Lining: low-grade synthetics are used for lining the jackets.

Armholes: the armhole should allow the arm to move easily and give a better overall fit.

Zippers: check the quality of the zipper used.

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Few things to consider when buying a jacket


Checking the type of leather the jacket is made from is quite important to consider when buying a jacket. Some are thick, thin, hard, super soft, and all of these details make the jacket suitable to wear.


Choose the length that fits you. Different length fits different body shapes.


Choose the jacket based on the hardware, such as buttons and zippers. The color of the hardware and jacket can be the same for a better look.

Shoulder alignment:

The perfect shoulder alignment gives the perfect structure. The jacket must sit perfectly on your shoulders. Choose the jacket according to shoulder width and size.


The lapel and collar give style to the jacket. It represents the brand also. Choose a lapel and collar if you don’t prefer the collarless or trendy collar.


The lining should be distinguishable from the jacket. No colorful lining should be chosen.


Check the back of the jacket. The back is made in a different style. Check for your option of style.


Check the zippers, stitching, and all details before choosing the jacket. 


Leather jackets are not only the most stylish items but also something worth investing in. Choose a nice quality genuine leather jacket from a reputable manufacturer like Pala Leather which can last you a long time.

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