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Movember Madness: 4 Tips to Growing a Perfect Stache

November is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking seriously about this year’s edition of the Movember stache. You might wear facial hair year-round, but in no other month can you proudly display the perfect mustache in support of a worthy cause.

Movember is first and foremost about drawing attention to — and raising money for — men’s health. The brave men facing cancer, mental health struggles, and other serious health challenges deserve unwavering respect and support. But that’s not to say the millions of men who support them can’t have a little fun in the process. Turning your Movember stache into a memorable fashion statement is a great way to do just that.

Not a seasoned stache pro? No problem. Follow these four tips—from beard growth vitamins and beard oil to grooming hacks—for growing the perfect stache in time for Movember 1.

  1. Go for the Bars

The handlebar mustache is taking the world by storm. Sure, it’s one of the hardest types of stache to grow and maintain. But the payoff is gravy. Unless you don’t like earning compliments on your personal appearance, there’s no quicker way to draw onlookers’ attention (and admiration) than a handlebar look.

To grow the perfect handlebar mustache, you need discipline — specifically, the discipline not to trim your stache, no matter how itchy or unruly it gets. You need to comb it regularly. As soon as it’s long enough to shape, you need to apply mustache wax liberally. And you need to have the patience to coax and curl it into the desired form, knowing full well that mustaches sometimes need to be told more than once.

  1. Try a Beard Growth Vitamin

Vitamins for your beard? Yep, it’s a thing now.

Ones like VitaBeard promote thick, healthy hair growth. They’re especially useful for aspiring beardsters who struggle to grow facial hair evenly, or who can’t seem to progress past the “patchy stubble” stage.

Regular doses of beard vitamins might not turn your face into a human Chia pet, but they’ll definitely add volume and shine to your beard. The secret is a wash of powerful compounds, including Biotin and various B-complex vitamins, known to promote hair growth and health. The best beard vitamins also have gray-fighting compounds that can slow and even reverse the graying process. Though they’re not as effective as hair dye, they’re great for beard aficionados troubled by those errant gray strands creeping into their otherwise lush, youthful mats.


  1. Don’t Be Shy About Grooming

Whether you’re rocking a simple, neatly trimmed lip cover or an elaborate Fu Manchu, don’t forget to groom. You’ll need a small comb, barber’s scissors, plenty of mustache wax, and a specialized beard trimmer, at minimum. Set aside 15 minutes per day for mustache grooming, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. And, if your style requires frequent trimming, remember to oil your trimmer blades after every session.

  1. Go for a Complete Look

When is a mustache more than a mustache?

Much as you’d like it to, your mustache doesn’t live in a vacuum. It lives on your face, between your mouth and nose, in the neighborhood of your beard and across town from your head hair.

For maximum effect, your mustache needs context. There’s no right or wrong way to achieve this, but some ideas that have worked well for stache-wearing men in the past include:

  • Shorten up your head hair and keep your beard area clean-shaven to ensure that your mustache remains your body’s most distinctive hair feature
  • Add a well-trimmed goatee for an “all around” look
  • Lengthen your sideburns into mutton chops, clearly delineating the space between your stache and your chops
  • Pluck your unruly eyebrows (yes, it’s cool for guys to do that!) to keep the focus on your stache

Remember when you’re growing out your stache you’ll have to keep everything trimmed up around it & for that you’ll need a beard trimmer like these great ones from Gear Hungry!

What’s the secret to your Movember stache?

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