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Operational Independence: The Highest Mark Of A Gentleman

Comfort For Stability

If you want to be a true gentleman, you must have a degree of financial independence which provides you a degree of liberty. But today’s world doesn’t afford individuals this autonomy without a fight. Following are several tips to help you survive this struggle against perpetually treading water in the business world.

Can You Get Off The Grid?

It may be less difficult than you think. Look at your residential utility bill. It’s probably around $100 a month. Louisiana residents currently use the most energy in the nation, averaging over $150 per month per household at only 12 cents per kWh, and 15,497 kWh per year. Meanwhile, Hawaii only averages about $60 a month at the same rate. Split the difference between the two and you can expect $105 a month in energy alone.


What if you could cut that expense out entirely? Solar panels give you approximately 100 watts per hour per .5 by 1.0 meter panel. This means under twelve hours of sun, you can store 1,200 watts a day. For $1,260 (the average cost of energy annually), you can install at least five panels. They average about a dollar and forty cents per watt, and are usually sold in 50 to 100 watt sizes. Here’s an excellent model from Amazon.com.

Installing one will run you up about $400, including shipping. All told, for $1,260 you can get five solar panels reasonably installed with a three-to-four battery array. That’s 500 watts an hour, or 6,000 watts a day. Power like that can even allow you to use things like water heaters. If you want to have secure operations off the grid—and not remain beholden to any power but your own—solar power helps.

Technology Solutions


Going the cloud route can give you access to software processing programs and infrastructural availability in league with big-ticket enterprises. The downside is, a cloud computing station will have all your data. Granted, it’s their business to keep it secure; and backup/recovery options have no better innovation to preserve them.

The thing is, you don’t have to exclusively store data on the cloud; it can just be a primary means of operating your business. You can keep a cache of important data in hard drives that are securely stored at your business location, allowing you to continue some operations should cloud services be lost.

The loss of cloud services would be so major, however, that it’s likely no one anywhere would have access to the internet. This isn’t because the internet runs from the cloud, but because cloud services are so integral today that nothing short of cataclysm would normally knock such systems offline.

Secure Space

A real man, a real gentleman, understands his property intimately. He may even have had a hand in its construction. Today, technology innovations make designing and installing your own working/living space easier than ever.

Have you ever considered a prefabricated steel building? These have been around for decades, and according to American Steel Span, are specifically “Designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow conditions.”

If you install solar panels across the exceptionally wide space of these generally curved structures, you can have continuous energy that follows the sun from its rising to its setting. Additionally, all that energy can remain stored in batteries on-site, making it completely independent of the grid.

Gentlemen Control Their Surroundings

It’s not really possible to be a gentleman if your entire livelihood is subject to the whim of others. If you want to branch out and remain independent, it’s worthwhile to research options such as solar power, cloud computing, and prefabricated architecture. These can help you remain profitable while keeping independent, and even increasing property value through added architecture and infrastructure.

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