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Men, Beware These X Oral Hygiene Tips for a Kissable Mouth

One of the biggest issues women complain about after a first date is the guy’s bad breath. You know that moment: you had a wonderful time with a woman, but you notice she is kind of distracted and avoids coming closer. That’s because you have a stinky breath. Even if your teeth are pearl white, your mouth can smell bad. So bad that people who talk to you can smell what you had for dinner. To avoid these embarrassing moments embrace these oral hygiene tips.

Don’t neglect your tongue

We all pay attention to our teeth, but the tongue is just as important. Because it is an important part of the mouth, it gathers a lot of bacteria and can cause bad breath. To avoid this you should include brushing your tongue in your mouth cleaning routine. Dentists from Kids Best Dentist NYC clinic advise on teaching this habit to kids, so when they grow up they already know how to use a tongue scraper, but it’s never too late to learn new tricks, gentlemen.

Regular checkups

Going to the dentist twice a year doesn’t sound very appealing, but it will keep you away from bad breath. The doctor can check the health of your teeth and your gums, solving any small issue that might turn into a big problem in the future. By making sure your cleaning regime is correct and you have no cavities, you are making sure you stay away from bad breath.

Extra fluoride

Fluoride is the mineral that strengthens the tooth’s enamel, so investing in fluoride-rich toothpaste can save you from bad breath. The extra mineral is going to prevent tooth decay, which leads to a large number of dental problems, bad breath included.

Drink more water

Saliva helps reduce the amount of bacteria in our mouth, which prevents bad breath. If your mouth becomes dry, it might smell. The solution to this simple problem is drinking water. Being hydrated not only helps you improve your overall health, but it also promotes a good breath. Dehydration is the reason why we have bad breath in the morning, as bacteria builds up while there is not enough saliva to remove it.

Don’t forget about flossing

Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough to keep your mouth clean. When you eat, a lot of food manages to enter between teeth. Regular brushing is not enough to remove those little pieces, which can easily lead to cavities between teeth and bad breath. Flossing helps you remove that tiny debris and it also improves your breath. However, flossing alone can’t help you keep your teeth in top shape, so always pair it with brushing.

Ditch the midnight snack

Dentists advise to brush after each meal, but few of them tell that brushing after dinner and then having a snack is pretty much useless. If you go to bed after eating something, you will actually allow food debris to stay on your teeth and promote decay. Of course, this leads to bad breath, so either brush again after snacking, either ditch that snack.