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Here’s Why You Need to Switch Over to Safety Razors

Here's Why You Need To Switch Over To Safety Razors
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For a long time, we’ve been told that cartridge razors are great. They’re considered safer and more efficient in how they work, but we’ve believed it. But it seems that that may not be the case. It seems that using safety razors for wet shaving can deliver closer shaves and give you a smoother result, along with it being less expensive and less finicky. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you why you should switch to safety razors and leave cartridge razors behind. 

What Are Safety Razors?

A safety razor is a simplistic razor, where a double-edged blade is placed in the middle of the razor and covered on the top. A protective device is positioned between the blade and the skin. 

Though the design is basic and fairly simplistic, the efficiency of this device is unlike any other. It was initially developed to allow even low-skilled barbers to deliver professional shaves and reduce the possibility of injuries since otherwise, one would have to be highly-skilled to see the long blade-like razor. 

Why Are Safety Razors Better?

Safety razor
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Here are the main reasons that make safety razors much better than cartridge razors. 

  1. A Closer Shave – The unique yet simple design of safety razors allow them to deliver a much closer and precise shave. For a great shave, you need a sharp blade that doesn’t pull on your skin. On top of that, all of us have different kinds of hair. Some have coarse and thick hair, whereas others have light hair, and each hair type calls for a different kind of blade. With double edge razor blades, you can choose which blade to use depending on your personal preferences and requirements. However, cartridge razors have no customization options. 
  2. Less Irritation – On top of delivering a closer shave, double-edged razors also reduce irritation and lowers the possibility of pimples, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and more. When you’re using a cartridge razor, multiple blades are going over the same patch of skin multiple times, which leads to irritation, redness, and more. However, with double-edged razors, you have only one edge of the blade going over your face only a single time. On top of that, it allows for a customized experience as you can also maneuver it yourself so that you can shave as you want. 
  3. It’s Cheaper –  It seems that every year a new type of cartridge razor comes out, which has been created with a new technology that helps deliver a closer shave and so on. And like clockwork, every time a new model is out, the price goes higher as well. However, double-edged razors are much cheaper. You don’t have to keep replacing it so often, and after the initial investment of buying the razor, you only have to pay once in a while for a single blade. 
  4. They’re Greener – Yup, double-edged razors or safety razors are environmentally-friendly as well. Not only are they recyclable and can be used several times (even your old blades can be re-sharpened), but they’re generally made of biodegradable materials. Most well-made, high-quality premium safety razors are made without plastic and consist largely of metals, which makes them durable and environment-friendly. Given that disposable razors account for a large percentage of waste all over the world, you should switch over to safety razors. 

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