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Hair Clipping Made Easy – the Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper

When it came to time to cut hair, trim your beard or other clipping jobs, a trip to the barbers or the hairdressers was the only option.  Then hair clippers came along and people can now trim  their hair or beard as they want.  Wahl is one of the big names in hair clippers and they have now released their latest product to make hair cutting even easier than before – the Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper. WiseBarber.com also has an in-depth review of this product.


The Elite Pro

The newest hair clipper in the Wahl range is the Elite Pro High Performance Haircutting Kit and this is a product designed specifically for making home hair clipping a simple and effective process.  The clipper itself uses the most powerful motor in any of the Wahl products that offer 15% more power than previous versions and guarantees that the clippers offer top performance for the longest time.

While power is important, the key element with these new clippers that make users give positive reviews are the blades and the clipper guide combs.  The blades are a new self-sharpening precision design that tests have shown cut through hair 40% faster than previous models.  This means that the time required to cut hair is significantly reduced.


Clipper guides

The clipper guide combs are a complete set of Secure-Fit guide combs that mean you don’t need to be a trained barber or hairdresser to use this piece of equipment.  The easy to fit system ensures that the blades stay in place while in use and offer a smooth and easy cut.

They are also constructed from premium grade materials that have tested as 70% stronger than the existing Wahl guide combs.  Each comb clearly shows the cutting grade that it offers to allow the user to easy select the style that suits them and to change between them as required.

The Elite Pro comes in a premium storage case to make it easy to take with you on holiday or when travelling with work and also ensures the clipper and equipment is protected when not in use.


Clipping hair at home

To use the hair clipper, all you need is an area that can be easily swept up and a mirror to allow you to see how you are doing.  It can help to dampen hair a little before cutting as this keeps it in place and allows you to see where you have cut and where is still to be done.  Washing away hair products before cutting is also a good idea as the residue from these products can damage clippers and blunt blades over time.

When you cut, start at the back and run the clippers in the opposite direction to the hair growth.  Work up the head and then do the sides, watching to see that the cut is an even one.  As you cut, pause and blow hair from the clippers periodically to get the best effect.


Conclusion – Hair Clipper

The Elite Pro makes use of the best new technology for hair clippers alongside the top quality materials that offer the best cut, regardless of your style.  It is easy to use, lightweight and able to offer a range of styles for hair and facial hair trimming.

Hoffman York (On behalf of Napoleon and WAHL Grooming) provided this for review. All opinions expressed above are my own.