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Wine and Sprit Review Episode 6 (Magic Bullet Hangover Cure)

Magic Bullet

Topic: Magic Bullet Hangover Cure

Magic Bullet is designed to support and accelerate your body’s own process of eliminating alcohol toxins, helping ensure you are fresh the next morning. Our tasty Blood Orange drink has a touch of carbonation and is delicious to drink alone or as a versatile mixer. Try it with Vodka, Tequila or your favorite spirit. This makes Magic Bullet Hangover Cure the perfect mixer for night of parting.

Magic Bullet

When is the last time you woke up after a night of partying and regretted your choices? Well, now with Magic Bullet, you can have your cake and eat it too. Magic Bullet was developed to help your body counter alcohol’s adverse effects and support the body to promote health and prevent those dreaded hangovers.

The drink is made from the purest natural ingredients with a blood orange flavor, making a great mixer and the anti-hangover benefits. This drink is designed to support healthy liver and kidney function with a special Grape Seed Extract, mix of Milk Thistle Extract, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Lipoic Acid, Turmeric, Schisandra Berry, and Yellow Dock Root; each has a reputation for fighting hangovers. Magic Bullet has only 40 calories to make a flavored drink.


Magic Bullet provides a practical and excellent tasting drink to supercharge your liver and kidneys. This helps remove the toxins left behind from your fun night, leaving you clear and energized for a good morning after. Wake up feeling like a Superhero!

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Cocktail Recipes:

Vodka Bullet

  • 5 oz. Vodka and half a can of Magic Bullet

Tequila Bullet

  • 5oz. Tequila and half a can of Magic Bullet

Gin Bullet

  • Gin. 3oz. Magic Bullet, 3oz. Tonic 1Tbsp lime juice

Fireball Bullet

  • 5oz. Fireball, half can Magic Bullet. Squeeze and garnish with an orange wedge

Rum Bullet

  • 5oz. Rum and half a can of Magic Bullet