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7 Tips For Using Hair Fibers For Thicker Hair

Thicker Hair
Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

7 Tips For Using Hair Fibers

If you are wondering how you can get thicker hair, then you are on the right track. Enjoy fine and abundant looking hair by using hair fibers. In this article, you are about to discover essential tips to use products to achieve that beautiful crown properly. Read and learn how you can apply this product for best results.

Thicker Hair
Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

1. Apply Hair Fibers On Dry Hair

Hair fibers hold on to your hair by static electricity making thicker hair. To make it stick optimally, you have to put the hair fibers when your hair is dry. Also, these fibers may turn lumpy when you apply it on wet hair.

If you prefer to use hair styling gel, apply it first, then the hair fiber. Style your hair and allow the gel to dry entirely. Hair fibers hardly adhere when there is a gel. But gel makes your hair stick to one another. Thus, in some instances, the gel is not recommended, though you may still use it at your own risk.

Hair fibers will adhere and fix better on your hair if you use fiber spray. The sprays make the fiber and hair stick together without getting wiped off. More so, the spray will fix and retain your hairstyle.

2. Select An Appropriate Color

There are a variety of colors for hair building fibers that you can choose from. Select the one that will suit your hair color. To achieve the best hair color appearance, you can mix two colors. When you have dark blond hair color, try medium blond combined with light brown.

Apply these colors one after another. First, put the dark color base, and then the lighter one. In this way, you can attain excellent results showing thicker hair.

Digital screens can distort the tone color. So, you must ensure that your gadget or computer has proper screen settings so you will be able to select the appropriate hair fibers shade.

3. Consider Hair Fibers Adhering Quality

As mentioned earlier, your existing hair holds the hair fibers because of static friction or electricity. It does not matter whether you have thin hair as long as you have a good quality fiber; it will adhere to your hair. But it’s always better to choose quality hair building fiber like Toppik

These hair fibers do not just spread through your scalp and cover it. The product must be able to entirely cover what it needs to hide while producing a natural appearance of get thicker hair. When you try to apply it to the crew cut, it may be a little challenging. However, excellent hair building fibers can lead to great things by achieving it with a good looking effect.


4. Use Only A Right Amount

To get a natural look, you must apply the right amount of hair fibers. When you use too many, it may look unnatural.

The amount of hair fibers will still depend on the personal need and preference of the user. This will have something with the hair color and condition and more. Knowing the right amount you have to use will require you a little experience, practice, and patience. It will be easier to attain that natural effect when you use less fiber instead of more.

It would be best if you started with fewer amounts then try to experiment on applying the hair fibers when you wish a stronger effect. You can also learn to apply the product by layering and patting your fingers on the hair to spread the fibers. You may brush the hair gently or lightly to make it happen.

Identify if you have to use more fibers and do so if necessary. Just repeat the process, and you shall experience satisfaction with the outcome.

5. Use Hair Building Fibers Applicator

Using an applicator makes the process convenient for you. This device may come from bottled fibers. The applicator creates precise coverage for then thinning hair areas. It keeps the dispersion uniform. Thus, it also provides a natural effect and economic benefit.

When you have an applicator, you should shake first the bottle well to maintain hair fibers’ structure and for better dispersion.

6. Use A Hairline Optimizer And Hair Building Fibers Hold Spray

A hairline optimizer plays a vital role by creating a natural and fine-looking hairline. This is possible by hair fiber scattering over your hair and by wiping out those excess fibers. It also ensures your hairline to have a good appearance. More so, it is efficient for it to save your precious time and hair building fibers.

You may also choose this hairline optimizer along with your hair fiber applicator for the precise outcome.

The holding spray is formulated for increasing bonds between your hair and the hair fibers. It guarantees a long-lasting effect and has natural ingredients like Vitamin B5 for the soft and conditioned finish.

You must always know the amount that produces excellent results specifically for you. A little amount has a slight fixation, but too much will clump the fibers together, leading to heaviness or scalp fall off.

When the spray is already dried up, you can comb your hair and do some style while it still retains its strength.

7. Be Extra Careful With Water And Use A Hair Growth Shampoo

Water is typically not suitable for hair styling products. So showering, pool diving, and exposure to the rain will wash away your hair fibers. When you are planning for strenuous activities, you must rinse your fiber out as it will just fade away anyway.

Wash your hair using hair growth or thickening shampoo. It will nourish and take care of your hair for better-looking hair that will complement your hair building fiber use.


There you have it, these tips will surely help you with your hair building lifestyle. Just remember, everything here is applicable as long as you experience and enjoy it yourself. Have a natural-looking crown any time you desire.