Home Advice Why Survivalist Prepping May Save Your Life During A Disaster Emergency

Why Survivalist Prepping May Save Your Life During A Disaster Emergency

Survivalist Prepping

Why Survivalist Prepping May Save Your Life During A Disaster Emergency

When you hear the words “survival,” you probably picture someone out in the wild, facing all kinds of troubles and surviving on nothing but nature. Imagine a person in the woods, drinking water from creeks, eating leaves, fighting dangerous animals, and similar. Indiana Jones comes to mind, am I right? Survivalist Prepping is simply a means of being prepared for the worst.

That’s not exactly what the term Survival Prepper means today. By creating associations like the ones above, people have forgotten to think about how to survive “in the real world.” Not that Indiana Jones’s world isn’t real, but I am talking about regular, common people that lead ordinary lives. A store manager, a clerk, an accountant, a banker, a doctor, and every person on Earth can be prepared for specific emergencies that the world can bring.

Survivalist Prepping

The trouble with disasters and emergencies is that you never know when to strike, and if you find yourself unprepared, there’s nothing that can help you come out as the winner. If you think about it carefully, people have always been preparing for emergencies. It’s just that they take some things more seriously than others. Let me give you a few examples.

You turn on your alarm so as not to be late for work. You take an umbrella when there is the slightest chance of raining. You know winter is on the way, so you get the necessary equipment for your car. If there is an upcoming holiday that will have all the stores closed for a couple of days, you make sure to stock up on the things you need before those stores are closed. Mostly, you spend half of your life preparing, and you live the other half of it, and that’s the way it has always been.

Why is it, then, that many of us have taken it upon ourselves to mock and laugh at survival preppers, causing the whole world to see them in a negative light? Why is it that we are making fun of people who have considered the same things we have always been doing and decided to take them a step further and be ready for more than just rain and snow? When you think about it this way, you realize that we should all be preppers, and here is why.

Instead of giggling and joking when you hear someone talk about prepping for disaster emergencies, you should be at least open-minded enough to listen to their stories and listen to their reasons. Who knows, you might change your mind and start doing the same thing. After all, survivalist prepping really may save your life, and it’s time for you to learn why and how.

Food, Water And Shelter No Matter Where You End Up

Food, Water And Shelter
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Emergencies and disasters can happen to anyone. It’s not like you are entirely safe and protected by merely having a positive view on life and saying things like: “Oh, that will never happen to me.” Let’s say you have a car accident or end up lost in the middle of nowhere. While these are not the happiest pictures to imagine, it is possible.

In a case like that, would you rather have some emergency food and water supplies in your car, as well as a sleeping bag, or sit there and hope that someone will arrive as soon as possible to rescue you? There’s nothing wrong with expecting to be rescued, but your hopes can be much higher when you have some food, water, and shelter to count on.

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Natural Disasters Become Easier To Handle

Nature is unpredictable. It should be loved, but it should also be feared. Add fear to the love you feel towards it, and what you get is called respect. That means that, by prepping for disasters, you are showing respect to Mother Nature. Then, when disaster does strike, you can wait for it to go by while having everything you need right there in the comfort of your own home.

I am primarily talking about stocking up on groceries in this case. Imagine yourself trapped in your basement waiting for, say, a storm or a blizzard to pass. If you spend all the food in a couple of hours, you will spend the rest of your time worrying about what you and your family will eat. Everybody needs food to survive. It’s just that we take it for granted because we have it in abundance.

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Financial Emergencies Will Be Easier To Overcome

When talking about survival, anyone rarely mentions the role of finances. Once again, this is something we take for granted, but there are many different ways in which a lack of funds can endanger our lives. If you prepare for that, however, you won’t have to worry too much. Let me elaborate.

Say your job depends on your car and it breaks down. Getting a new one is a significant investment. Similarly, you could develop a health problem. In addition to that, preparing for financial emergencies helps you get ready if you lose your job. The transition period will be much easier if you have savings.

Solutions Will Arise For All Kinds Of Situations

There are many disasters and emergencies that could strike you unexpectedly, and there are some that you might not even think of. When you go about Survivalist Prepping, it isn’t always necessary to know precisely what you are preparing for. You are, and that’s the point.

Sometimes, you can think you are getting ready for one thing, and then another will strike. Guess what? You will be prepared for the other stuff as well, because things like food, water and shelter are enough to save everyone’s lives.

Add money to the mix, such as in the above financial situations that I have mentioned, and you will be ready for almost anything that can happen to the world. The next time you start wondering what survivalist preppers are all about (read this), remember this. They are about staying alive, and well in most situations, you can think of. It’s not like they are preparing for the end of the world. They are preparing for the continuation of the world after a disaster.