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How to Dress For Holiday Gatherings

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s–all the big holidays are just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about how you want to dress. What you wear can make a big difference, at the office Christmas party or at the stroke of midnight on the last day of 2017, whether it’s the perfect pair of slacks or the new tie you picked to match with your date’s dress. It’s all about picking the right formal wear: you want to look fashionable, you want to look classic, but you also want to have your own personal touch, too.

Luckily, there are lots of great brands out there that have exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a customized, high quality pair of shoes you’re looking for, or the perfect suit that you can use again for formal occasions in 2018, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of formal shoes for the holidays, look no further than Taft. The shoes they sell are the perfect combination of classic and trendy–and the materials are high quality, which means that your shoes will for years to come. Prices are reasonable too, which means that you can keep coming back for more even after the holidays, whether you prefer Oxfords, boots, or sneakers.

Fashion blogger the Unkempt Gentleman raves: ‘Since there’s no retail markup they are able to sell the highest quality shoes for about half the price that you would find in your major department store. All of the shoes are hand-made in Spain by a professional cobbler. They use full-grain leather and are Blake Stitched.’


When it comes to buying the perfect button-down shirt–whether you’re feeling daring and creative with a bold pattern, or classic with a clean white look–Express is one of the best places to look. You can step into one of their ordinary retail stores and try on a size that works for you (with choices from slim to classic to athletic), or browse their large selection online.

Whatever button-down shirt you end up choosing (or more than one, because the selection is so affordable), you’ll be able to match it perfectly with any blazer and pair of pants. And with so many varieties of fits for different body types, Esquire reviews: ‘The brand’s best-selling, and -fitting, button-up comes in 10 core colors with an additional 10 shades rotated in on a seasonal basis, is offered in three fits (modern, fitted, and extra slim), and is a steal at just $59.90.’

The Tie Bar

The perfect accessory can make or break an outfit–especially when it’s ties we’re talking about. When you’re wearing a black tux, and refined, dark shoes, your tie (or bowtie) can be an opportunity to show off your personality–whether it’s stripes, a bold color, or a playful snowflake pattern. Which is why The Tie Bar is one of the best places to find the perfect tie online. They’ve got neck ties, skinny ties, bow ties, pocket squares. They’ve got everything you need.

Sharp Suit Men’s Wear blogged about how great the site is, in large part because the site is easy to navigate, there’s a huge selection (but one that’s easy to comb through), and it’s affordable. They rave: ‘We love the site’s simple design, seemingly limitless selection, and impossible-to-beat prices. This is the first place we recommend friends and family visit when shopping for menswear accessories.’

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is one of those stores that has the perfect aesthetic for the modern gentleman: it’s clean cut and classic, but it’s got a bit of a contemporary edge, too. It’s a high end store, but because of its popularity, it quite often offers sales and discounts: which means getting a better deal on a nicer suit than you might find at store that usually charges less for lower-quality suits.

According to Business Insider, it’s the perfect place to get that black suit you can wear for any holiday party. And if you’re a regular customer with a Luxe card membership, you get free alterations, which is key to looking snazzy in your new suit. According to Esquire, ‘even a modestly priced off-the-rack number can look like a million bucks with the right nips and tucks.’

In conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of options if you want to look good for the holidays. And they’re affordable too, which means that you’ll have more money to spend on that perfect gift for that special someone, or treat yourself right when you take a couple extra days off after the new year. Whether you’re a tie man or a shoe man, whether you prefer your suits all black or with a little bit of dazzle, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for.

Have you shopped at any of these stores before? What was your best purchase? What would you recommend buying for the holiday season?