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Guidelines To Match Men’s Accessories To Your Outfit

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Image by Önder Develi from Pixabay

There are certain style rules that are made to be broken, and then there are those tried and true mandates that, no matter which generation you come from, are meant to be adhered to no matter how progressive you are. The art of matching men’s accessories, for example, may seem simple enough, but one jaunt through any concrete jungle, and it is clear that many men still need to receive this important memo. If you are here, then it is obvious that you are trying to get there, so take a few style tips from the experts and never worry about accessorizing ever again.

Creating a great look that exudes confidence requires more than a great suit, a sleek jacket, or immaculately tailored pants. Indeed, you can have all of those things, but if you fail to link them together, you’ve effectively cut off the flow of your fashion. Once you have your ensemble, don’t forget the accessories to complete the look. Your wallets, watch, and even socks elevate your look and make a statement about yourself. What every man needs is a firm grasp of how to connect the dots from top to bottom to get a winning look that leaves no doubt as to your sartorial abilities. The devil, they say, is in the details.

Coordinating your accessories to your outfit

Matching accessories like wallets, watches, and men’s earrings to your outfit requires attention to detail and a sense of style. Here are some specific guidelines for men on how to match these accessories to their outfits:

  1. Match Metals and Leather:
    • Watch and Belt: If you’re wearing a leather belt, try to match the color and style of your watch strap with the belt. If your belt is black, wear a watch with a black leather strap; if it’s brown, choose a brown strap.
    • Wallet Hardware: Pay attention to the hardware on your wallet (buckles, zippers, etc.). Match the hardware color to the metal accents on your watch. For example, choose a wallet with silver hardware if your watch has a silver case.
  2. Coordinate Colors:
    • Complementary Colors: While having everything in the same color is unnecessary, coordinating your accessories with your outfit is vital. Consider complementary colors or shades. For example, a navy suit pairs well with a brown wallet and a blue dial watch.
    • Tonal Matching: You can also choose accessories in a similar color tone to create a cohesive look. For instance, a dark brown wallet with a light brown belt can work well together.
  3. Match the Style of Your Outfit:
    • Formal Outfits: Opt for classic and understated accessories if you’re wearing a formal suit. A slim leather wallet and a dress watch with a simple, elegant design are great choices.
    • Casual Outfits: For casual wear, you can experiment with different styles. A sporty outfit can complement a rugged leather wallet and a chronograph watch, while a preppy look might go well with a colorful canvas wallet and a simple watch.walletImage by Hans from Pixabay
  4. Consider the Occasion:
    • Business Meetings: In a professional setting, choose sleek and sophisticated accessories. A minimalist wallet and a slim, classic watch are ideal.
    • Casual Gatherings: When dressing casually, you have more room to play with styles and colors. Be more creative with your accessory choices.
  5. Balance Size and Proportion:
    • Wrist Size: If you have a smaller wrist, opt for a watch with a smaller case diameter. A larger wrist can accommodate a more oversized watch.
    • Wallet Size: Consider the size of your wallet and how it fits in your pocket. A slim, minimalist wallet is more appropriate for a fitted suit, while a larger wallet may work better with jeans.
  6. Personal Style and Comfort:
    • Ultimately, your personal style should shine through. Choose accessories that make you feel confident and comfortable. Your accessories are an extension of your personality, so let them reflect your unique style.
  7. Don’t Overdo It:
    • Less is often more when it comes to accessories. Avoid overwhelming your outfit with too many pieces. Stick to a watch, wallet, and perhaps a tie or pocket square as needed.

Wrapping Up Men’s Accessories

Remember that achieving balance and harmony with your overall look is key to successful accessory matching. Experiment with different combinations, and over time, you’ll develop a keen eye for what works best for your style and the occasion.