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6 Ways to Elevate Your Winter Style

6 Ways to Elevate Your Winter Style
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Winter might appear aesthetic, but it can also challenge your fashion sense. While the twinkling fairy lights and snow flurries are a visual treat, the below-zero temperatures and slippery ice can make your life difficult. It’s difficult to dress up for the frigid winter days in style.

It might be hard to think about fashion when it’s freezing outside. So, you might end up spending the whole season wearing the same pieces—a black sweater, black boots, black jeans, and a parka. However, every season can inspire a fashion overhaul. Some fashionable winter essentials include:

1. Statement Jacket

A great jacket is a true workhorse in any wardrobe. Whether you want an outerwear substitute for mild temperature, something extra to pull out a dinner look, or a can’t-go-wrong jacket to throw over your formal attire, a quality statement jacket can help.

A statement jacket will help you stay warm and stylish this winter, particularly when heading outdoors for socializing or alfresco dining. The ideal styles to rock include the contemporary puffer jackets, iconic trench coat, sumptuous camel coat, or something cozy and woolen that will ward off the cold.

2. New Glasses

While they might be the final thing you think about when pulling together a trendy look, it doesn’t mean glasses are any less important. In fact, consider them your savior—always there to add an edge to your low-key looks or enhance the drama of feminine dresses, especially on days when you feel a bit less stylish.

Every serious fashion enthusiast knows how imperative it is to try out a new glasses frame each season to upgrade your entire look. While you might want to build a suite of styles, it is ideal to start with the basics. Styles like D-frames and cat-eye designs will work with almost every look in your closet. Nevertheless, if you are looking to flaunt your fashion skills, consider round styles or colorful frames.

3. Quality Scarves

If you are tired of wearing the same winter coat every day, you can switch things up a bit by bringing in some quality scarves. Scarves are accessories that help with layering so you can stay warm even if your coat/outfit fails its purpose. It can elevate your entire look. For example, a colorful cashmere scarf can add a spot of color to your dreary winter look. You can also pair these scarves with your favorite enamel pins to make them more unique. There are different types of quality scarves out there. If you want something that is truly unique, you can go for a handmade scarf. These are usually made with high-quality materials, and they come in a variety of colors and designs.

A plaid scarf will be a safe bet if you prefer something that gives you the winter vibes but won’t have you overheating when indoors. Depending on your preferences, consider trying out designer styles to find the ideal fit.

4. Leather

From suit separates to spring dresses, fashion trends often include leather. Investing in a leather staple can go a long way in your wardrobe. This particularly rings true as the season of wearing multipurpose pieces day-to-night approaches.

Besides making you appear chic, anything leather can seamlessly take you beyond the boardroom. For instance, leather pants with their slick tailored moods are ideal for the office. But they also work well for a winter party.

Leather jacket
Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

When it comes to matching leather apparel like leather jackets or pants, it is as effortless as styling its non-leather counterparts. The same rules apply, but the texture will instantly lift your entire look. For example, you can consider pairing leather pants with turtleneck sweaters or a slinky camisole. Stick to a blazer, trouser, or button-up when looking for an accent piece instead of a headband or removable collar. 

5. All Denim

While sweatpants and leather are great for winter, denim is truly forever. It is pretty easy to carry all denim looks into winter. Skinny jeans are currently out of vogue, and easy jeans are the new trend. A relaxed, high-waist, straight-leg pair can make you look chic with either sneakers or pumps.

6. Knee-High Boots 

Eventually, a great winter style boils down to the right pair of boots. So if you have a pair of fab knee-high beauties, then now is the time to show them off. Pair them with a short dress, skirt, or patterned tights. They will help you stay fashionable while also keeping you warm. 

If you don’t have knee-high boots, know that almost all kinds of boots will work. For example, you can pair ankle boots with cuffed jeans and a chunky knit to look stylish. The rule of thumb is to have a few practical pairs of boots for winter.

Build Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

You don’t have to spend much time or money to put together the perfect winter-style capsule wardrobe. If you learn the essential tricks, you will create beautiful looks for many years to come. Remember, at the end of the day, your comfort and staying warm matter the most.

Featured Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels