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You’re Not A Complete Man Without These 4 Skills

Growing up can be tough. Once you’ve finished your education and held down a job for a few years, everyone’s going to expect you to take on the world the way any adult does with the range of life skills you no doubt have under your belt. If you have a grown man’s body, but you’re afraid you’re lacking in some areas, here are a few skills you need to have.


It may be painful to hear it, but you can’t rely on frozen pizza and microwavable ready-meals forever. Having some basic cooking knowledge is absolutely essential if you want to be considered a complete man. You don’t have to be a celebrity chef, but it certainly helps if you can whip something decent up in a hurry, no matter how basic it is. At the very least, you should know how to cook a good steak however the recipient likes it. Carving a turkey and filleting a fish can also be very handy in adult life.

Holding Your Drink

Knowing how to drink like a grown man is another skill that’s going to be pretty essential in your adult social life. Through college, it’s no big deal to approach the bar and ask directly for the cheapest beer they have, or spend a small fortune on shots and down them all in quick succession. Develop a palette, especially when it comes to wine and well-known cocktails. Learn how to pace yourself, and be a classy rather than a raucous drunk. Finally, learn how to get the bartender’s attention. This will not only get you your drinks faster, but will show a huge display of confidence to any ladies present!

Managing your Finances


Excessive borrowing, living hand to mouth, and going broke for the sake of a good time, are all expected in students. However, now that you’re a grown man, things need to change. If you’ve never been that good with money, take some time to understand all the different facets of managing your personal finances. Get into a routine for saving, give yourself an emergency cash reserve, and set out a plan for getting a mortgage rather than hopping from rented place to rented place. If the IRS’s home page alone makes your head hurt, there are plenty of accountants and lawyers for tax advice. However you do it, take control of your money!

Taking Care of Your Car

Once a man reaches a certain age, everyone’s going to expect him to know at least a little about cars. Even if you’ve never been much of a car nut, there are certain basic pieces of maintenance that are easy enough to master, and will come in extremely handy if and when you need to perform them. If you’re a millennial, there’s already a shortage of these skills in your generation, so knowing a little more about cars than your peers is sure to impress! Changing a tire, air filter and fluids will save you a lot of money, and could get you out of a serious jam!