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A Look at the Latest Men’s Fashions for 2017

It’s an exciting time for men’s fashions, so what are the most notable trends in menswear this season? It’s widely agreed that stony colours are big news currently, and a host of designers have opted for them over recent months, particular at the recent London Fashion Week. Stone is highly-regarded for its ability to suit various skin types and an excellent choice for suits, making it an ideal choice for any formal events or interviews you might be attending this spring.

A Celebration of Diversity

Travel has become a big theme in fashion recently, and hiking gear, anoraks and parkas have had a strong presence at high-profile clothing events in cities like London, Paris and Milan. This is widely being seen as a reaction to the UK’s decision to exit the European Union. Many designers have chosen to blend styles from various cultures in attempts to celebrate diversity.

Vertical stripes have also played a prominent role at recent fashion events, with a number of designers choosing to fuse pastel and dark colours and opting for stripes of differing widths. Pink has also seen its popularity reignited, particular in relation to suits, whilst the four-decades-old punk trend is also enjoying a renaissance. Sleeveless jumpers have received much exposure at fashion shows, as have drainpipe slim jeans.

Further Fashion Predictions for 2017

Whilst pinstripes made a comeback recently, this year has so far seen a return to square-based patterns. Grunge-inspired sweaters are also enjoying a revival in the year that would have marked Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday. Meanwhile, attentions are also being turned to the colour purple, with some suggesting its resurgence could be seen as a tribute to the late Prince.

Some style experts are predicting that fusions of tailoring and sportswear could continue to grow in popularity this year, with more and more brands attempting to perfect this blend. Some stylists suggest yellow could be set to play a big role in the men’s fashion of 2017, whilst more than one leading fashion expert has predicted that the bum-bag could return to the popular consciousness.

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