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Is Higher Education Really Worth The Effort?- Find Out

Do you find yourself questioning whether or not higher education is still worth your time and money? Given the high cost of a college education, you would be sort of crazy if you didn’t. Fortunately, studies show that there are many benefits associated with a Master degree. That said, here are 6 reasons why higher education is worth the effort.

Better Pay

The fact of the matter is, if you have a college degree, you are more likely to earn more money throughout your career than if you only have a high school diploma because of increased knowledge. You can expect to earn twice as much over the tenure of your employment as those who finish up to high school only.

Greater Job Satisfaction

With higher education, like a Online Masters in Organizational Leadership or Master of Business Administration (MBA) you can find work that you really love and are passionate about thereby greater job satisfaction. This means you can be able to work in fields that interest you and get into positions with job advancement opportunities since you are more equipped with the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge.


Greater Benefits

Studies have shown that those who pursue MBA are more likely to receive greater employer provided benefits than their counter-parts without a college degree. This is especially very true when it comes to health care insurance. They can also look forward to better retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, reimbursement for commuting and travel costs, health savings account and even free childcare. What’s more, in some cases, the benefits package may be even worth almost as much as what the employee take home- pay.

Higher Levels of Job Security

During unpredictable occurrences in the job market such as economic downturns, it is common for employers to cut jobs. The first culprits for job cuts during these times are usually those at the bottom of the totem pole-positions. These are people that do not require skilled labor. However, college graduates rarely suffer from job cuts during economic recessions hence higher levels of job security.

Better Job Opportunities


For many reasons, most employers seek after college graduates when looking to fill job positions. While a high school graduate can look forward to entry level positions in non-skilled positions, graduates with a 4-year bachelor’s degree will qualify for a much better range of higher paying entry level positions. Therefore, with a college degree, you can be sure of more job opportunities than a high school graduate. Australian Institute of Business, the most influential brand of 2015 in Australia, according to LinkedIn, published an article on how an MBA can boost your career. To quote them: “This is not to say that an MBA replaces years of experience, it simply provides a wealth of knowledge which helps in building on current experiences, and handling new issues in the future.”
It makes you more marketable as a professional and to a much greater range of lucrative career options. By attending a college, you also get professional networking opportunities inaccessible to those who don’t attend higher education learning.

Better Luck in Love

As much as it may sound sort of crazy, college graduates are more likely to get married compared to high school graduates. This is because of the fact that they’re better off socially and economically. They are also more likely to report being happy in their marriage hence less likely to get divorced.

So are you convinced yet that pursuing higher education learning is worth it? If so, it’s time to acquire a college degree so you can make better choices about everything including launching of a new business.

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