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10 Things you have to do In Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Vegas with a few friends or family members? Are you looking for activities to keep you occupied while you’re there? Here are some of the top 10 amazing things you can do in Vegas.


Old Homestead – Caesar’s Palace

Nothing goes down better than some thick juicy steak at Old Homestead. You have never had steak until you enjoy it at this favorite joint in Las Vegas. The original Old Homestead restaurant was opened in New York City in 1868. The Vegas restaurant has a lot to offer when it comes to steak. So, why don’t you pop in there and enjoy one of the best steaks you will ever eat in your life.

See the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is one of the most astounding natural wonders on the planet and there are innumerable reasons to see it. A visit to the Grand Canyon national park offers some of the best views in the USA. It’s a little bit of a distance from Las Vegas, however check out this Las Vegas to Grand Canyon trip that will take you out to this beautiful place.

Ellis Island

Most people assume that Vegas is all about the partying and gambling. Well, the dining and wining events are also amazing. So, if you find yourself in Vegas, try out the famous BBQ at Ellis Island. It’s a casino located close to the famous strip. The tables don’t open till late in the night but some barbecue will keep you going till you can get back to gambling. Even better, try out the beer brewed on site to make your BBQ go down a little smoother.



Well, Happy Hour will be completely revolutionized if you try out the lounge at Stratosphere. Even better, you can have any drink of your choice while enjoying the amazing and spectacular views. The restaurant, Top of the World, located in the same building, rotates at 360 degrees every eighty minutes. Imagine being buzzed in a rotating restaurant. It is something you should definitely do while in Vegas.

Neon Museum

Here is where you get to the history behind the famous Las Vegas city. In the Neon museum, you can find numerous vintage signs on display across at least 6 acres. Don’t forget to go through the visitor’s center which replaced the La Concha motel.


If you’re looking for a wild ride on your trip, the Absinthe is the place to abandon your prudishness. It’s actually a variety show with an adult carnival feature that steps onto the raunchy side. Leave all the emotions at the door with these hilarious and heart-stopping performances from the heart of Las Vegas.

M Resort

If you’re feeling a little tired after your time at the slots, you can always relax with some buffet at the M resort. Yes, it might be a little a far from the strip but you won’t mind the distance once you’re sitting down with a plate of scrumptious food.

Zombie Apocalypse Store

If you’re looking for some crazy weird shopping fun, try it at the Zombie Apocalypse store. Here, you can find novelty items, survival gear and anything else you would need in a zombie apocalypse.

Triple George

Yes, there are lots of dining areas on the strip. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper, with the same thrill, you can always try out the Triple George establishment. Enjoy the ambiance and excitement that comes from doing it.

High Roller

One of the tallest Las Vegas landmarks, the High Roller is something to die for while you’re in Vegas. Here, you can enjoy romantic evenings with your significant other or just observing the amazing city below.