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Why Mediation Is A Healthy Choice When Separating

Why Mediation Is A Healthy Choice
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Why Mediation Is A Healthy Choice When Separating

Going through a separation is an incredibly challenging time for any couple, and family and mediation can help alleviate some of the stresses involved. Why Mediation Is A Healthy Choice, Mediation involves a third person, called a mediator, who is impartial and won’t take sides. A mediators role is to help you sort out any differences and agree on issues like sorting out finances and property and custody of the children.

Why Mediation Is A Healthy Choice
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

When going through a separation your first thought might be to get in touch with family lawyers in Melbourne. Most lawyers will probably suggest that you try mediation first. Mediation can save you money on legal fees and can often be more comfortable to work out any differences with a specially trained mediator.

Let’s take a closer look at some of why mediation is a healthy choice when separating. 

Flexibility In The Process

Mediation offers more flexible than the court system as the sessions can be arranged to accomodate both parties. You will have control over the length of time between each mediation session. You can also choose to discuss family matters that may not be dealt with in the courts. 

Because you make the decisions and not a judge, the outcome can be more tailored to suit your family needs. This is a much less stressful situation than waiting for court dates and leaving the outcome up to the judge, creating a much healthier way to deal with a separation.

Promotes Communication

The main aim of mediation is to facilitate communication between the two parties and encourage them to make mutual decisions. Both parties are much more likely to stick to these decisions when they are made together. The mediator will also aim to promote on-going communication in the future and try to foster a co-parenting relationship. This will create a much healthier relationship between the separating couple going forward, especially if children are involved.

Impartial Guidance


Because the mediator is an impartial third party, they will not take sides, but they will take the time to listen to both parties. Their main aim is to help you both to reach an amicable arrangement, and they will give you impartial guidance on options that might be approved by the court so you can both decide together on how best to move forward.  

Reduces The Stress Involved

Mediation can often be much cheaper and faster than going through the court system. You pay for one mediator instead of two lawyers, so you will easily half the costs involved. This, in turn, reduces the stress involved on the financial side of things. If everything is sorted out faster, this will also reduce the stresses as you will feel like you can move on with the new chapter of your life rather than waiting for things to be resolved through the courts. 


Mediation Protects Your Children
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separation mediator will help you focus on your kids’ needs and encourage you to develop a parenting plan. Because the plans and agreements that you decide upon during mediation have been discussed with an impartial third party, they are more likely to be stronger agreements, which will reduce the need to return to the courts down the line. In your mediation process, you can also include issues that may come up in the future, such as new partners, changes in children’s needs, or if one parent moves away. This all helps to reduce the stress involved in a separation.

Meditation Is A Very Healthy Way To Separate

Going through a separation or divorce does not have to be as complicated with the help of mediation. Because mediation is flexible and focused on communication in a non-judgemental format, while keeping the needs of your children at its focus, it is ultimately a much healthier choice when going through a separation.